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Volume 12, issue 7 (June, 1987): Bonus Edition: Applications Software Today

Table of Contents
G. Michael Vose
Beyond Macro Programming11
A strategy for customizing applications software.
Bill Gates
The Application Program Interface19
The SideKick Plus kernel, a proposed TSR standard.
Steven R. Boye, Philippe Kahn
The Network-Model DBMS25
A powerful alternative to the relational-model database management system.
Dave Kruglinski
Dark Horse Applications33
A handful of unusual or unknown programs for MS-DOS computers.
Ezra Shapiro
The Promise of Application Software37
Trends for the future of productivity programs.
Oliver L. Picher, Cynthia R. Lubrano, Rochelle Theophano
Designing Modern Accounting Software47
An analysis of key features determining the cost and quality of accounting software.
Gary W. Hedge
Word Processors55
The top seven - three for the Macintosh and four for the IBM PC.
WriteNow, MindWrite, Word for the Macintosh, Manuscript, WordPerfect, Word for the PC and Nota Bene.
Phillip Robinson
This new crop of programs offers multidimensionality and natural language.
1-2-3, HAL, Boeing CALC, Excel, Multiplan, Silk, SuperCalc4, Trapeze and VP-Planner.
Rich Malloy
Database Managers77
A sample of the latest products for MS-DOS and the Mac.
Q&A 2.0, ALPHA/three, Reflex 1.1, OverVUE 2.0d, FileMaker Plus 2.0, Powerbase 2.3, Universal Base SIX 6.6, R:BASE System V, Paradox 1.1, Reflex 1.01, Omnis 3 plus 3.24 and Double Helix.
Charles Spezzano
A dozen top performers with a variety of features.
ASCII Pro, Blast-II, Crosstalk XVI, Flash, HyperACCESS, MicroPhone, Microsoft Access, ProComm, Red Ryder, Relay Gold, Smartcom II and Telescape.
Brock N. Meeks
RAM-Resident Utilities103
You can piece together a system that combines all the features you need.
Turbo Lightning, Whoops!, Strike, Webster's New World On-Line Thesaurus, Keyworks, SmartKey, SuperKey, ProKey, jot!, PRD+, SideKick, Partner PC, Homebase, Cruise Control, SmartNotes, Tornardo Notes, Referee and PopDrop.
Jon Edwards
Editorial Index by Company129
From BIX118
From BYTEnet
On Disk80b
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