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Volume 3, issue 3 (March, 1978)

Table of Contents
Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: Program Your Next EPROM in BASIC84
Steve Ciarcia
Interfacing the Sykes OEM Floppy Disk Kit to a Personal Computer178
Phil Hughes
Get On at the Right Address185
Frank S. Holman III
A Two Computer Music System8
Jeffrey H. Lederer, Thomas A. Dwyer, Margot Critchfield
An Apple to Byte18
Carl Helmers
The Microcomputer and the Pipe Organ56
Jef Raskin
The Brains of Men and Machines, Part 3: How the Brain Analyzes Output74
Ernest W. Kent
User's Report: The PET 2001114
Dan Fylstra
CIE Net: A Design for a Network of Community Information Exchanges - Part 2, Protocols152
Mike Wilber
Microchess 1.5 Versus Dark Horse166
Peter R. Jennings
Take a Course in Microprogramming168
Richard Mac Millan
Controlling the Real World174
Hank Olson
The Intelligent Memory Block: Adding Processors to Enhance Performance186
Kenneth R. Castleman
In This BYTE4
Don't Ignore the High End... or My Search for Manuscript Editing Paradise6
Carl Helmers
Some Enticing Advance Words6
BYTE's Bits27, 151
The Passing of a Pioneer
BYTE's Bugs46
A Flop in the Floppy (A Floppy Disk Interface, January 1978)
Clock Stops (Using Interrupts for Real Time Clocks, November 1977)
Joystick Gets Stuck (An Inexpensive Joystick Interface, March 1977)
Fractured Factors and Wals Function Bugs (Letters, October 1977)
Book Reviews110
Chess and Computers
Len Gorney
Technical Forum: The Altair (S-100) Bus Forum: PCC 77148
John C. McCallum
Programming Quickies: The Capital of New Mexico is Santa Fe170
Loring C. White
Clubs, Newsletters172
What's New194, 204, 214
Classified Ads222
Reader Service224

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