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Volume 3, issue 5 (May, 1978)

Table of Contents
Graphics in Depth: 3-D Adds a New Dimension to Your Display16
Timothy Walters
Convert Your TV Set to a Video Monitor22
Dan Fylstra
Hidden Line Subroutines for Three-Dimensional Plotting49
Mark Gottlieb
GRAPH: A System for Television Graphics, Part 162
John Webster, John Young
A Programmable Character Generator, Part 1: Hardware79
Larry Weinstein
Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: Tune In and Turn Out, Part 2: An AC Wireless Remote Control System97
Steve Ciarcia
How to Multiply in a Wet Climate, Part 2: Design Details104
In last month's article, we discussed microprocessor arithmetic and how an 8 by 8 bit tow's complement multiplier could do it faster. Specific examples, in Motorola M6800 assembly language, showed how multiple precision arithmetic and quick matrix addressing could use harware multiplication. We gave a logical block diagram of a circuit which would make the product (formed by a multiplier array) much easier to use. Ths month's article contains details needed to construct and fully test a hardware multplier for the SwTPC 6800 system using the TRW MPY-8AJ and eleven SSI and MSI TTL chips.
Jack Bryant, Manot Swasdee
The Photograph Is Also a Hard Copy10
Dwight D. Egbert
Product Description: The Matrox ALT-256 Video Board24
Gary Ruple
Color Graphics on the Compucolor 805132
Thomas A. Dwyer, Margot Critchfield
A Low Cost Light Wand Amplifier92
Robin C. Moseley
In This BYTE4
Editorial: On the Uses of Snowstorms in Computer Science8
Carl Helmers
Technical Forum: A Raster Scan Graphics Suggestion44
Tello D. Adams
Languages Forum: UCSD PASCAL: A (Nearly) Machine Independant System46
for Microcomputers and Minicomputers
Kenneth L. Bowles
Programming Quickies: PLOT3D: A Function Plotting Program60
Mike Stoddard
Languages Forum: Comments on PASCAL, Learning How to Program and Small Systems136
Gary A. Ford
Languages Forum: Comments on APL's Charactersitics143
John E. Howland
Languages Forum: Warnier-Orr Diagrams: Some Further Thoughts145
G. T. Wedemeyer
BYTE's Bits153
Electronic Music Workshops at New England Conservatory
Instruction Search
A Quick Wire Unwrapping Tool...
BYTE's Bugs155
A Note About Simulations, Part 3 (January 1978)
Book Reviews158, 178
The Dragons of Eden
Digital Computer Electronics
The Elemenets of Programming Style
Mortal Engines
Jim Heter, Tom Lukers, Noel K. Julkowski, Ted M. Lau
Languages Forum: Standardization of High Level Languages163
E. M. Greene
Languages Forum: Grappling with GRAPL: Some Choice Comments163
Andrew Koenig
Programming Quickies: Line Combinations168
Randy G. Sodestrom
Clubs, Newsletters174
What's New?180
Unclassified Ads206
Reader Service208

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