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Volume 3, issue 7 (July, 1978)

Table of Contents
KIMER: A KIM-1 Timer12
Robert W. Baker
The AXIOM EX800 Printer: A User's Report28
R. J. Bosen
The Z-80 in Parallel60
Bob Loewer
Controlling DC Motors72
Robert L. Walton
Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: Build a Keyboard Function Decoder98
Steve Ciarcia
A High Level Language for 8 Bit Machines152
Ted Williams
How to Get Your Tarbell Going162
Larry Weinstein
Top-Down Modular Programming32
Albert D. Hearn
Who's Afraid of Dynamic Memories42
Lane T. Hauck
Antique Mechanical Computers, Part 1: Early Automata48
James M. Williams
The First Ten Years of Amateur Computing64
Sol Libes
A Short History of Computing84
Keith S. Reid-Green
How to Choose a Microprocessor124
Louis E. Frenzel
In This BYTE4
Editorial: Some Thoughts About Modems6
Carl Helmers
The Second West Coast Computer Faire16
Carl Helmers
Clubs, Newsletters96
Languages Forum: BASIC to Assembly Language Linkage112
Pat Fitzgerald
Technical Forum: Fooling with the Stack Pointer115
Tom Pittman
Technical Forum: More on Varistors: A Supplier of Some Note Comments116
William G. Morris
Book Reviews117
Instant Freeze-Dried Computer Programming in BASIC
Jay P. Lucas
BYTE's Bits118
Pertia Isaacson to Edit New Book Series
Heard on a BOMB Card
BYTE's Bugs118
DeMorgan Gets Half-Bombed (February 1978)
Microbot Bug (April 1978)
Programming Quickies: Beating North Star-MITS Incompatibility119
Alan R. Miller
College Sports Report123
Grinnell Wins Second Midwest Regional Programming Competition
Event Queue172
What's New?177
Unclassified Ads206
Reader Service208

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