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Volume 3, issue 8 (August, 1978)

Table of Contents
Compilation and Pascal on the New Microprocessors50
Charles H. Forsyth, Randall J. Howard
PASCAL: A Structurally Strong Language78
Stephen R. Alpert
Designing Structured Programs143
Structured programming is an attempt to modernize software development and to reduce the side effects that divert so much programmer time from actual programming. The use of structured languages like Pascal promotes good programming techniques.
Chip Weems
Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: Let Your Fingers Do The Talking: Add a Noncontact Touch Scanner156
Steve Ciarcia
On Building a Light-Seeking Robot Mechanism24
Stephen A. Allen, Tony Rossetti
The Number Crunching Processor64
Peter Nelson
Philadelphia's 179 Year Old Android90
Charles F. Penniman
Antique Mechanical Computers, Part 2: 18th and 19th Century Mechanical Marvels96
James M. Williams
Languages Forum: In Praise of Pascal110
David A. Mundie
Pascal Versus Cobol: Where Pascal Gets Down to Business122
Kenneth L. Bowles
Edwin E. Hastings
Pascal Versus Basic: An Exercise168
Allan M. Schwartz
In This BYTE4
Editorial: A Vision of an Industry6
Carl Helmers
Technical Forum: A Letter Exchange: Extending S-100 Bus?12
Olav Naess
Technical Forum: And Some Notes12
John C. McCallum
About the Cover16
Carl Helmers
Languages Forum: A Homebrew Pascal Compiler46
Herbert Stein
Clubs, Newsletters48
BYTE's Bugs62
The Price is Wrong (May 1978)
Transposition Bits (June 1978)
Still Further Thoughs (June 1978)
Consistency - or a Lack Thereof89
Carl Helmers
Langauges Forum: A Proposed Pascal Compiler117
Herbert Yuen, Kin-Man Chung
Event Queue118
What's New?177
Unclassified Ads206
Reader Service208

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