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Volume 3, issue 1 (January, 1978): the small systems journal

Table of Contents
Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: Add More Zing to the Coctail37
Steve Ciarcia
A Floppy Disk Interface58
David M. Allen
The Waterloo RF Modulator94
Walter Banks
Mounting a Paper Tape Reader161
Jack Bryant
The Brains of Men and Machines, Part 1: Bilogical Models for Robotics11
Ernest W. Kent
The IRS and the Computer Entrepreneur27
Elizabeth M. Hughes
The Motorola 6800 Instruction Set - Two Programming Points of View84
Paul M. Jessop
Product Description: A User's Reaction to the SOL-10 Computer86
Robert Bumpous
The Second World Computer Chess Championships108
Where KAISSA Founders on a Bug and CHESS 4.6 Comquers All
Peter R. Jennings
Structured Programming with Warnier-Orr Diagrams: Part 2, Coding the Program122
David A. Higgins
Simulation of Motion, Part 3: Model Rockets and Other Flying Objects144
Stephen P. Smith
A Novice's Eye on Computer Arithemtic150
Wayne H. Ledder
Notes on Bringing Up a Microcomputer162
Sol Libes
In This BYTE4
Editorial: What Is This Penomenon Personal Computing?6
Carl Helmers
BYTE's Bits120
NCC Personal Computing Festifal
An Interesting Point About the State of Computer Technology
ACM's New Special Interest Group on Personal Computing
Book Reviews136, 160
Practical Microcomputer Programming: the Intel 8080
APL An Interactive Approach, second edition
Standard Dictionary of Computers and Information Processing, revised 2nd edition
John A. Lehman, Thoams E. Hoge, Blaise W. Liffick
Clubs, Newsletters139
Technical Forum: A Note on Advances in Technology165
Paul Robinson
What's New?168
The Motorola 6809: Some Rumors from Austin
Classified Ads190
Reader Service192

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