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User's Guide to CP/M Systems & Software

Volume 1, issue 2 (December, 1982)

Table of Contents
Foreword... Renaissance2
For starters... Writing, Editing, and Budgeting4
Observations on Word Processing and Spreadsheet Calculating
CP/M Tutorial... BIOS, Files and the Directory6
An Overview of CP/M Files, Directories and the Internal BIOS Module
Tony Bove, Cheryl Rhodes
Disk Doctor: R for Bad Disks12
Recovering files and directories from "crashed" disk
Ed Coudal
Tutorial... A guide to SuperCalc: Part One18
Editing a Sample Balance Statement
Tony Bove, Cheryl Rhodes
Tutorial... A guide to Using WordStar: Part One28
The Star of Microcomputer Word Processors
Tony Bove, Cheryl Rhodes
An Impatient User's Guide... WordStar Writing and Editing Summary48
Tony Bove, Cheryl Rhodes
Installation Guide... Installing WordStar54
For Displays, Printers, and Default Edit Settings
System Overview... The Osborne Version of WordStar60
The Osborne Portable Computer Packs a Small Screen With a Powerful Word Processor
Brief Looks At CP/M Systems... JobStream CP/M from Atom64
A version of CP/M for the Radio Shack Model II
Glossary... Word Processing Terminology47
Some of the jargon used in this issue

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