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Commodore Computing International

Volume 6, issue 12 (July, 1988)

Table of Contents
CCI View5
Anthony H. Jacobson
End of CRT?; Gremlin Goes Skate Grazy; Disk Porter; Mandarin Goes International; No More Desk top for CPU; F.B.I. investigates virus; Compunet's Multi-User Game; Hewson's Heatrow; Hand Held Scanner; Exocet's Foundation's Waste; Battlecar Marauder; New Power House Releases; Blood Brothers for Gremlin; CD to Replace Floppies; Power House Champion; Magnetic Scrolls Accused of Corruption!; Accodata's PC Mates; CRL Sends You to Hell and Back; 22 Billion Times a Second!; Gremlin's HERCULES; Quiet Printing; UK/Australian Computer Collaboration; Compunet's free modem; Disposable cleaning disks; CBM slashes PC prices; Virgin's new Monopoly; Laser Mirrors on Chip; Personal Fax 7.50 per week; ACE; Computer Autonavigation
Reviews: Empire Strikes Back10
The spectacular film tie-ins in which Domark specialises continue ... and again the force must be with use!!!
The fight against the mighty power of The Emiper and the cunnigly evil Darth Vader is on once again. Luke Skywalker and hist rusty troupe of brave rebels ight their way through the massively successful follow up to Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back.
Domark's well-received version of Atari's coin-op classic Star Wars is still riding high in the major charts after half a year. The July launch of The Emipire Strikes Back coul dsee Luke Skywalker maintain his computerised fame right up to the endo of the year and beyond.
Reviews: Butcher II18
Reviews: Toy Show24
After the PRINT SHOP the TOY SHOP ... Peter Richardson takes a look at how Borderbund, capitalising on the success of 'the PRINT SHOP' and its accessory disks, have now released another interesting package.
Light Pen Offer26
Micronet -- A New Look28
Micronet. Okay, so you have read the book, seen the movie. True, mikronet has been around for five years now. Ture, it is still on Prestel's viewdata system. But, say Telempa any similarities between Micronet today and the Micronet of yore end there. Five years of growth, technology, new services and the magazine's recent relaunch mean that perhaps it is time to take a new look at waht the service has to offer.
Hints and Tips: Writing Your Adventure30
Peter Gerrard ties up the loose ends of adventure writing, rejects 'Examine All' and explains how he writes his own adventures...
Peter Gerrard
Andy Moss
Are Monitors Good?40
Anthony Mael discovers an experiment that shows the size and shape of the Monitor makes a difference to you reading efficently.
Anthony Mael
Okimate Offer43
Amiga Covers44
Hints and Tips: Amiga on Compunet46
Justin Jackson goe on line to the U.K.'s modem accessed networking system.
Justin Jackson
Feature: Literary Lateral Thinking47
Peter McDonald examines a problem of large scale indexing which most word processing packages fail to solve.
Peter McDonald
Reviews: Obliterator50
Tony Horgan
Amiga Subs52
Hints and Tips: icpug - Ary you using the right disks?53
Peter Miles
Technical Letters54
Arkanoid Offer60
Software & Peripherals List62
This latest availability list shows the growing quantity of software and peripherals for the AMIGA. It has been compiled by CCI with the valuable collaboration of leading distributors. We are very grateful for the special help we have received from Hobbyte Ltd. Prices include VAT, where necessary and may, of course, be subject to change. Consult your dealer for price confirmation.
Reviews: Stealth Mission66
Tony Lydeard
Reviews: Bargain Budget69
Reviews: Infiltrator II72
Tony Horgan
Previews: Road Blasters75
Previews: Street Fighter74
Reviews: Sons of Liberty77
Tony Lydeard
Reviews: Wizard Warz79
Tony Horgan
Cybernoid Competition80
Reviews: Echelon84
Acces are well known for their smash hit leader board golf series, Andy Moss sees how their space SIM Echelon shapes up.
Andy Moss
Super Felix Back Again86
Competition Winners88
Time & Magic Competition93
Horgan's Hints94
C-64: IO, Professional BMX Simulator, Mission AD, Garfield, Kung Fu Master, Scooby Doo, Combat School, Micro Ball, Freddy Hardest, Thundercats, Buggy Boy, Tiger Mission, Feud, Jack The Nipper, Zaxxon, Nebulus, Booty, Frak!, Firetrack, Miner 2049er, Anarchy, Circus Circus;
C16: Formula One Simulator, Xargon Wars, Prospector Pete, Blagger, U.X.B., Blaze, Out On A Limb, Xadium, Supergran
Tony Horgan
Program Submission95
Reviews: Gamma Strike97
Tony Horgan
Reviews: Flight Path 73798
Bud Vennos
Reviews: Garrison II100
Tony Horgan
Reviews: Arcade Force Four101
Tony Horgan
Subscription Form102
Reviews: North Star105
Bud Vennos
Reviews: Time & Magic106
A trilogy of adventures from Level Nine means Andy Moss is hot on their trail. Amiga Time and Magik has arrived.
Andy Moss
Readers Letters109
Reviews: Logotron Writer, Planner, and Filer 1295112
Andy Eskelson
Data Store113
For Commodore C64.
A very nice simple general purose database. This program will have many uses. It is a long basic program, so take care when entering! This program has been formatted for "Easy Enter". So watch out for the special [ ] codes!
Madhu Surendranath
FX Creator122
For Commodore C64.
This program is a very good utility that enables the user to create custom sound effects and generate a squence of numbers that will generate a machine code representation of the sounds for use in your own programs. FX Creator is fully meu driven, the F1 and F3 Keys move the cursor and the space bar selectes the option.
Rik Beaven
Classified Advertisements128
Reviews: The Beginners Guide to Basic 8130
Andy Eskelson
Advertisers Directory130

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