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Volume 2, issue 10 (October, 1985)

Table of Contents
Graphics Display System24
Finally, a hi-res drawing program that lets you print out your creations. and for those of you with disks full of Koala pictures, this program will print those, too.
Yokio Tezuka
High-Sprited Sprites34
This isn't just another sprite editor program. Its versatility and ease of use are sure to satisfy both beginners and experts.
Mark Jordan
Sensational Screen Trilogy42
With these three programs, you can combine creative designs with serious applications and text. You can also enhance any files you created with GraphMaker 64 (RUN, April 1985).
Doug Smoak
Video Monitors For Your C-12850
Before you begin anticipating the demise of your 1702 monitor and the purchase of a new monitor for your C-128, stop and read this article. It could save you lots of money.
Margaret Morabito
C-128 Software Has Arrived54
Here's a preview of three software packages developed especially for the 128.
Tim Walsh, Margaret Morabito, Susan Tanona
Telecommunications... MCI Mail and Easy Link58
The postman always rings twice, but with electronic mail services, letter pickup and delivery is only a phone call away.
Margaret Morabito
E-Mail Terminal61
This short terminal program is custom-made for MCI Mail.
Donald L. Stoner
Easy Assembly V66
This month, we'll discuss what happens when you use the New command to erase a program, and what happens when you try to recover that program.
William B. Sanders
RUNning Ruminations6
$251: PET Emulator
$252: Halloween disk devilment
$253: Address books
$254: C-128 monochrome monitor
$255: TV set swtiches
$256: Screen reverser
$257: Easy Input filter
$258: Program indentation
$259: Easydata
$25A: Commodore 1571 caveat
$25B: Program load lock
$25C: Estimating program lines
$25D: Disk load and run
$25E: Programmable Run key
$25F: Sequential file reader
$260: Easy Script directories
$261: Servicing the 1520 plotter
$262: Serial bus extenders
$263: Connector protector
Louis F. Sander
Software Gallery12
Blazing Paddles; Dave Windfield's Batter Up!; Rainy Day Fun; Karateka; Kennedy Approach; Mach 5
Susan Tanona
Commodore Clinic100
Jim Strasma
Hardware Gallery110
Space Pen; SG-10C Printer; Lt. Kernal Hard-Disk System
Susan Tanona
Mail RUN114
New Products116
How to Type Listings118
RUN Amok118
Corrections for Magic's Printer Trick (Special Issue January 1985), Easy Assembly III (August 1985) and Memory Jogger (July 1985).
Coming Attractions120

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