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Volume 6, issue 3 (March, 1981): Programming methods

Table of Contents
Structured Programming and Structured Flowcharts20
A technique that makes programs easier to write, undestand, fix, and change.
Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: Build the Disk-80: Memory Expansion and Floppy-Disk Control36
Steve discusses how to use dynamic memory and floppy-disk-controller integrated circuits and presents a design that incorporates them.
Three-Dimensional Computer Graphics, Part 154
Ways to display solid objects with the removal of hidden lines and surfaces.
What Is Good Documentation?132
How to write clear and effective documentation.
A Beginner's Guide to Spectral Analysis, Part 2166
Images can be transformed into holograms via Fourier transforms.
A Simple Approach to Data Smoothing262
The techniques described here can aid in the interpretation of data taken from real-world situations.
The New Literacy: Programming Languages as Languages300
BASIC, ALGOL, and APL are compared to the English language.
Computer Music: A Design Tutorial317
A modest amount of theory provides the background for building a simple program-controlled digital tone generator.
The Micro Matrix Photopoint Light Pen84
What's Inside Radio Shack's Color Computer90
Editorial: Is This Really Necessary?6
Programming Quickies152, 333
Computing the Determinant of a Matrix
Constellation I: An Astronomy Program
Languages Forum: A Coding Sheet for FORTH155
BYTE's Bits164,314,316
Technical Forum216,224,234
Addition and Substraction: The 1802 Versus the Z80
Build a Simple Video Switch
Desk-Top Wonders: Hunt the Wumpus with Your HP-41C230
System Notes: Software Addressing Modes for the 8080236
Software Received248
Books Received252
Ask BYTE254
Event Queue308
Clubs and Newsletters315
What's New?337
Unclassified Ads382
BOMB, BOMB Results383
Reader Service384

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