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Volume 13, issue 2 (February, 1988): 14 Multiscan Monitors * Lisp

Table of Contents
What's New67
Short Takes89
Word 4.0
Portable Vectra
Ask Dan About Taxes & Tax Preparer
Cover Story 
Multiscan Color Monitors100
Fourteen versatile displays that let you use today's wide range of graphics adapters
George A. Stewart
Compaq Flexes Its Muscles117
The Deskpro 386/20 combines a new bus architecture with a faster processor
Mark L. Van Name
The Tandy 4000129
An AT-compatible system with a combination of high performance and extensive dealer support
Mark L. Van Name
Datavue's Spark and Snap 1+1135
Price and portability distinguish these two laptops from the competition
Alex Lane
Micro Channel Memory Boards142
These boards offer up to 8 megabytes of memory for the PS/2 Models 50 and 60
Jonathan Shiell, Bud Smith, Curtis Franklin Jr.
A Quintet of WORMs146
Wayne Rash Jr.
Turbo Pascal 4.0153
Its new modular design breaks the 64K-byte barrier of previous versions
Walter Banks
MPW C for the Mac156
Mike Wilson
dBASE Mac vs. McMax165
Two software companies provide competing database managers for the Macintosh
Namir Clement Shammas
MathCAD 2.0168
George A. Stewart
RS/1 Research System172
Harley P. Macon
Computing at Chaos Manor: Life after Las Vegas179
Jerry tries our new products for the 386, a Mega ST, and a huge COMDEX
Jerry Pournelle
Applications Only: Shortcuts for Simplicity199
MacInTax and TaxView, a brainy printer cable, TopDOS, and PowerStation
Ezra Shapiro
IN DEPTH: Lisp 205
Introduction - Lisp206
David Betz, Gregg Williams
Lisp: A language for Stratified Design207
Lisp's power comes from the ease with which you can make abstractions and build on them
Harry Abelson, Gerald Jay Sussman
Semantics of Scheme221
Much of Scheme's elegance and power comes from a minimal but conceptually rich programming model
William Clinger
How Lisp Has Changed229
After 30 years, Lisp has evolved to be both versatile and powerful
David S. Touretzky
Lisp Resource Guide236
The New LIM/EMS243
Version 4.0 of LIM/EMS supports memory management, interprocess communication, and code execution.
Peter Immarco
The DSI Transputer Developement System249
Definicon Systems' new Transputer coprocessor board puts concurrency in your IBM PC
John Poplett, Rob Kurver
Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: The BCC180 Multitasking Controller, Part 2: EPROMs and Compilers259
Using the Hitachi HD64180 CPU, Steve's project is a multitasking singel-board computer/controller
Steve Ciarcia
Editorial: News and Technology6
Fred Langa
Chaos Manor Mail34
Ask BYTE38
Circuit Cellar Feedback40
Book Reviews51
A Programmer's Guide to Common Lisp
The Scheme Programming Language
The Little Lisper
The Third Apple: Personal Computers and the Cultural Revolution
Alex Lane, Eva White, Jack D. Kirwan
Coming Up in BYTE307
Editorial Index by Company306
Alphabetical Index to Advertisers309
Index to Adverisers by Product Category310

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