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Volume 4, issue 7 (July, 1983)

Table of Contents
Using RCPM Systems Effectively42
Access the wealth of free software available from Remote CP/Ms
Ben Bronson, Kelly Smith, Keith Peterson
A Directory of Remote CP/M Software Exchange Systems44
Addresses and accessing details of Remote CP/M systems throughout the U.S. and Canada
Jud Newell, Kim Lewitt
PIP Data Between Computers48
Simple system-to-system communication between two CP/M computers unable to read each other's media
Steven Fisher
Toward Smarter Modem Programs56
Let your modem do the work with a program tha dials and logs on to a remote system
Walt Bilatsky
Put Your Printer on an Parallel Port60
Interfacing the Epson MX-80 printer via a parallel port
Ted Camevale
Digital Audio on a CP/M System64
A program that records and plays back digital audio illustrates the use of a computer for data logging
Joseph W. Long
The Custom CBIOS: Patching to Promote Peripheral Power70
Customizing your CBIOS adds power and flexibility to your system and increases control over peripherals
Tom Wiens
A General-Purpose Graphic Plotting Package: Part 284
How to install the plotting package
David H. Freese Jr.
PL/I-86 and PL/I-80 Version 1.492
A look at Digital Research's newest version of PL/I-80 and its 16-bit implementation, PL/I-86
Bruce H. Hunter
Microsystems reviews the Tecmar Data Conversion Products94
An in-depth review of the boards and their software, delineating the important features and indicating possible problem areas
Richard Newrock, Walter Kriesel
PMMI's MM-VT1110
The MM-VT1 functions as a voice synthesizer and a Touch-Tone receiver/transmitter
Mark Zeiger
Editor's Page9
RCPM state and future
Sol Libes
News and Views12
Zilog to release Z800, Mitsubishi tries again, Zilog sues NEC over Z80 patent, IEEE LAN Standard nearing completion
Sol Libes
The S-100 Bus16
Special Bus Operations of IEEE-696 standard
Dave Hardy
The UNIX File24
Influence of UNIX
Ian F. Darwin
In the Public Domain36
Telecommuncation programs
Chris Terry
Letters to the Editor38
Software Directory121
HDIS, CERES I, NAMOR Mailing List Program, HASTE¨, ASCOM, KEYDISK¨, SUPERFILE, Z-COM, SDAM/II, SUPERFILE System 3, Relocation Utility Package
New Products127
S-100 desktop computer, 300/1200 baud auto-dial modem, iAPX 286 S-100 CPU board, Dual-processor system, CP/M Plus based SBC

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