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Total Amiga

Issue 17 (2003)

Table of Contents
Robert Williams
AmigaOS 4 On Tour & UK Demo Reports10
Robert Williams
Fleecy Speaks9
Amiga Inc,'s CTO sums up 2003 and looks forward to 2004.
Fleecy Moss
Buzz Word...9
Bringing you the latest comments and ruomours from around the Amiga world.
AmigaOS 4: Hands On12
Mick "Lucky" Sutton has been running OS 4 on his AmigaOne-XE since November. In this feature he gives us his thought on the early version heńs tried. Check out the back cover for colour screenshots.
Mick Sutton
Timber Tower16
Nick Elliot wanted a tower that fitted his expanded A1200 perfectly, so he got out his carpentry tools...
Nick Elliot
PhotoFolio 2.419
Robert Williams thinks he's found just the program to tame his gargantuan digital photo collection.
Robert Williams
Arak Attack22
Fed up having USB ports on your PC that can't be used within Amithon? Robert Williams tries Guide Mersmann's stragely named driver for Poseidon that supports many motherborad USB cointrollers.
Robert Williams
There has been a bit a drought of "office" applications for the Amiga in the last few years, so Robert Williams is pleased to find a shareware spreadsheet still in active development.
Robert Williams
Amiga Arena Games Edition30
Looking for some entertainment? With over 50 games Robert WIlliams thinks this CD should brigten up those dark winter evenings!
Robert Williams
PD Paradise32
MiniShowPicture 1.50
rxMUI 32.9/40.0
PowerIcons 1.05
KDEView 1.0
Mac: Reloaded, part 236
Part 2 of Michael Carrillo's emulation series.
Michael Carrillo
Image Enhancement Tutorial, Part Two: Re-touching & Sharpening38
Usightly telegraph pole growing out of your head? THe why not visit Robert Williams' image clinic!
Robert Williams
Learn C - The Universal Language, Part 242
In Total Amiga's first major programming tuturial Dave Pitcher introduces "C", the most common programming language on the Amiga.
Dave Pitcher
Next Issue46
Colour screen-shots, etc.48

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