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Total Amiga

Issue 20 (2005)

Table of Contents
Robert Williams
News Items3
Amiga OS 4 Update8
Robert Williams and Mick Sutton update us on the latest OS 4 developments and show case some of the new features in the latest pre-relase updates. Don't miss their "Reducing Your Boot Time" mini-tutorial at the end of this feature.
Robert Williams, Mick Sutton
Retro Emulation: Spectrum12
Dave Pitcher takes a break from hist "C" tutuorial to make a trip down memory lane..
Dave Pitcher
An Interview with Eric Schwartz of ES Productions14
Magnus Johnson talks to the Amiga's best known cartoonist and animator.
Magnus Johnson
An Interview with Davy Wentzler, Author of Audio Evolution16
Total Amiga's roving reporter, Magnus Johnson, talks to the author of one of the first OS 4 native applications about the product, his work with Amiga Inc. and his latest project.
Magnus Johnson
eXtream: a new high performance streaming system for AmigaOS 418
You may remember from the OS 4 Update feature in Total Amiga issue 19 that Davy Wetzler (the author of Audio Evolution 4 and various AHI sound card drivers) mentioned he was working on audio streaming over the Internet. Since then his work has progressed into a generic streming system called eXtream, Davy tells us more..
Davy Wentzler
Sean Courtney
ľA1-C Take 224
Michael Carrillo
A View from Afar: New Amiga Remote Desktop Clients26
Robert Williams
Canon EOS 300D Digital SLR30
Mick Sutton
Canon EOS 10D33
David Bailey, Sam Byford
Sam Byford
John Chandler
Robert Williams
Wookie Chat42
Paul R. Rezendes
Amithlon & Windows XP Multi-Boot44
Amithlon and Windwos XP need some help if they're going to get along on the same PC. Robert Williams finds the software equivalent of Relate, a boot manager.
Robert Williams
Digital Expertise47
To complement the digital camera reviews in this issue, Sam Byford brings us some tips on better photography. Now you've got no excuse for blurry phtos from the next Amiga show or family gathering.
Sam Byford
Mailing Lists49
Next Issue50
Colour screenshots etc.52

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