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Volume 4, issue 9 (September, 1983)

Table of Contents
Life in the Fast Lane: Three Multiuser Microcomputers30
A description of the multiuser capabilities of the Altos 586, CompuPro 8/16 C, and Ithaca Intersystem's Encore
Bill Machrone
A Review of the Dual Systems 83/20 68000 UNIX System38
Operating an S-100 system that offers UNIX and Fortran
Leland Wilkinson
The Supersoft C Compiler44
A look at family of compilers that shares syntax, design, and even command line options
David Fiedler
The Ratfor Preprocessing Language52
Superior control structures and programming flow procedures might well make Ratfor the Fortran of 10 years hence
A. G. W. Cameron
The Software Tools Computing Environment58
An effort to provide programming tools similar to those in UNIX that can run under most operating system and a wide range of computers
A. G. W. Cameron
Microsystems Reviews Micronix66
Micronix provides access to the wealth of CP/M software along with the power and programmability of UNIX
David Gewirtz
Upgrading Older S-100 Computers to the CompuPro Dual Processor80
Simple modifications allow an S-100 to incorporate a dual-processor board and expand memory to any desired amount
David W. Bray
Relocating Assemblers and Linkage Editors: Part I86
A tutorial explaning the use of assemblers that generate relocatable code
Andrew L. Bender
Sleuthing WordStar Files with Pascal93
Invisibly marked bytes can be Òreveal-printedÓ to help a user to investigate problems
Warren Lambert
Cross Check98
Bring Cross Check to the rescue when your disk allocation map becomes damaged
Scott Nowell
North Star Topics: CP/M-to-N* DOS File Transfer104
How to convert Microsoft Basic programs to run under North Star Basic
David Yates
North Star Topics: North Star DOS as a CP/M .COM File110
A simple patch to N* DOS 5.2 allows it to run as a command file under CPM
Allen Ashley
Add a Rescue Key to Your System116
How to safely exit malfunctioning programs without destroying data
Loren Amelang
Editor's Page9
UNIX Superstar; PICK -- a challenger
Sol Libes
News and Views10
CP/M'83 EAST in Boston, Sept. 29-Oct. 1; CompuPro offers special deal; CP/M Emulator Board for DEC PDP-11; The MS-DOS vs CP/M Battle; Z800 Update
Sol Libes
Public Domain12
Communications; CP/M enchancements; Directory utilities
Chris Terry
Letters to the Editor16
Correction to ÒPIP Data Between ComputersÓ (July 1983, page 48)
The S-100 Bus19
The IEEE-696 Temporary Master Interface
Dave Hardy
The UNIX File24
The UNIX explosion and some more introductory books
Ian F. Darwin
Book Reviews120
The C Primer; C Programming Guide; Inside CP/M, with CP/M-86 and MP/M 2; CP/M Simplified; Mastering CP/M; Soul of CP/M; CP/M Assembly Language Programming
Chris Terry
Software Directory122
ZSTEM, Z100 Smart Terminal Emulator; MAILER for mailing list management; microSUB:MATH; Modula-2 Compiler
New Products126
MULTINET Multiuser System; LocalMux Area Multiplexer; Superfast Micro; Multiuser S-100 System; S-100 EPROM Programmer and Calendar/Clock Board; High-Speed, Low-Power RAM Board

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