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Total Amiga

Issue 23 (2006)

Table of Contents
Robert Williams
News items2
Amiga OS 4 Update10
Robert Williams and Mock Sutton take a look at some of the new features in Update 4 and what's in development for OS 4.
Robert Williams, Mick Sutton
Amiga OS 4 Prerelease Update 4 First Impressions12
Update 4 is a major upgrade for prerelease users, so we though it woul be interesting to get a user's first impressions from Russel Glover.
Russell Glover
Mick Sutton's Tale of Woe, Update9
Mick Sutton
Internet Radio and Podcasting14
Bored with radio? Want something new and different to listen to? Robert Williams finds a whole host of Internet radio options are available many of them work on the Amiga.
Robert Williams
An Interview with Stephen Fellner, Author of DvPlayer18
Magnus Johnson talks to the author of the only OS4-exclusive movei player and the first image viewier to use Warp3D.
Magnus Johnson
An Interview with Dave Haynie, Amiga Hardware God22
In part one of our indepth interview, Magnus Johnson discusses the Amiga scene with ex-Commodore hardware engineer, Dave Haynie. Look out for more on Dave's history and work post-Commodore in issue 24.
Magnus Johnson
SATA - It ain't no old people's club!34
OS 4's inclusion of drivers for Serial ATA cards brings yet another new technology to the Amiga. Nigel Derbyshire explains what it's all about and the benefits to be had.
Nigel Derbyshire
ANotice 228
Robert Williams rips the sticky notes from his monitor and replaces them with a notice.
Robert Williams
It's always great to see a new Amiga developer appear on the scene. Here RObert Williams and Mick Sutton take a look at the flagship image organiser appplication from newcomers Alinea Computer.
Robert Williams, Mick Sutton
Nigel Derbyshire finds a way to reduce cable clutter and increase performance by installing the latest technolgy in his AmigaOne.
Nigel Derbyshire
Poseidon 336
Robert Williams finds out what is new in the latest version of the package that brought USB to the Amiga.
Robert Williams
Hollywood 2.0, The Sequel40
Roebrt Williams hopes that this update to AirsoftSoftwair's multimedia scripting package takes less from Airplane 2 than our headline!
Robert Williams
Being OS 4 native, TuneNet would seem to be the ideal way to provide some miscal accompaniment while working on your AmigaOne. Sean Courtney gets into the groove and finds out.
Sean Courtney
ANR - AmiNetRadio44
Sean Courtney takes a look at another option for Streaming audio, AmiNetRadio. This player looks slick and has cool visualisers, byt is ti all mouth and no trousers?
Sean Courtney
MorphOS SDL Games Roundup46
Sam Byford looks at a selection of SDL games ported to MorphOS; which of them are worth playing?
Sam Byford
Subscribing to Podcasts with AmiPodder48
Get the low down on subscribing to podcasts from the author of AmiPodder, Robert Williams.
Robert Williams
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