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Total Amiga

Issue 24 (2006)

Table of Contents
Robert Williams
News Items4
MorphOS & Ambient Update9
Sam Byford tries out the latest MorphOS updates on his Pegasos II and gets a sneak peek of MUI version 4.
Sam Byford
AmigaOS 4 Update and The New Exec Memory System12
Mick Sutton and Robert Williams cover the latest OS 4 developements and then call in the expert...
OS 4 developer Thomas Frieden explains the concepts behind the new Exec memory system.
Mick Sutton, Robert Williams, Thomas Frieden
An Interview with Elena Novaretti, Author of ZoneXplorer and Power Icons14
Magnus Johnson talks to Elena Novaretti about her passion for fractals and the Amiga! An extended version of this interview, with additional mathematical discussion is available on the Total Amiga web site.
Magnus Johnson
An Interview with Dave Haynie, Amiga Hardware God: Part 220
Part 2: Commodore and Beyond - In the second and final part of his epic interview, Magnus Johnson talks to Dave Haynie about his time at Commodore and the projects and companies he's been involved since.
Papyrus Office26
A new Amiga Office suite should be something to shout from the rooftops but it was strangely hard to get a review copy of Papyrus Office (AmigaKit came to the rescue in the end). Robert Williams finds out if it was worth the wait.
Robert Williams
Nigel Derbyshire looks at a classic editor that has been recently resurrected.
Nigel Derbyshire
Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror34
Andie Baldie reviews the second installment of this classic adventure game brought to OS 4 by ScummVM and AmigaKit.
Andie Baldie
Frying Pan36
Amiga disc writing software really seems to have been stuck in a groove for some time, while the rest of the world is moving to cheap and fast DVD writers. Robert Williams tries out a writing package that offcially supports new media.
Robert Williams
KeyRah, Keyboard of Power?40
Fed up with "Windows" keys, feeling nostalgic for an Amiga keyboard? Robert Williams may just have the answer.
Robert Williams
ACard AEC-772OU IDE to SCSI Bridge42
Many classic Amigas are fitterd with fast, reliable SCSI controllers, but compatible SCSI drives are hard to find and expensive. Agnus Manwaring tries a solution to this dilema.
Agnus Manwaring
Wacom Graphire 4 Classic44
Robert Williams checks out the Amiga compatibility of this graphics tablet.
Robert Williams
Reader Writes (letters)35
Make Happiness48
Steve Solie helps new and experienced OS 4 coders get the most out of the make utilities included in the SDK.
Steve Solie
Colour screenshots51

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