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COMPUTE!'s Gazette

Volume 2, issue 11 (November, 1984)

Table of Contents
Bulletin Board Fever16
Get used to hearing busy signals: Telecommunications networks are tied up a lot these days. And bulletin board systems specifically designed for Commodore owners are popping up daily around the world. Here's a look at what's happening.
Kathy Yakal
A Buyer's Guide To Modems30
Telecommunicating with other users, data bases, information networks, bulletin boards, and buying services opens up a fascinating world of possibilities. All you need is a modem, but there's a variety to choose from, with range of prices and features. Here's a look at what's available for Commodore users.
Sharon Darling
GAZETTE Telecommunications Software, Part 1: C/G Term38
The first in a series of integrated telecommunications software, "C/G Term" (Color/Graphics Terminal program), is tailor-made for VIC (with 16K expansion) and 64 users. It's easy to use and includes a number of transparen features which take care of the time-consuming and tedious chores normally involved in telecommunicating. Written entirely in machine language for speed and efficiency, no knowledge of ML is required for its use.
C/G Term offers upload and download capabilities and makes full use of COmmodore's color and keyboard graphics. Next month, we'll continue with the C/G Bulletin Board System. Althrough C/G Term is designed for use with the bulletin board, it can be used as a stand-alone terminal program for instant two-way telecommunication. A disk drive and modem are required.
Robert Sims
Inside View: Free Fall Associates: The Designers Behind Archon and Archon II: Adept52
Emerging from the avanlanche of a thousand computer games came Archon, 1983's popular and unique mixture of strategy and action, good and evel, light and dark. Now, Archon's creators bring you the sequel - and the fight between Order and Chaos is on again.
Selby Bateman
Harvey B. Herman
Arthur B. Hunkins
Adventure Creator104
C. Regena
Drol And Space Change For The Commodore 64107
George Miller
Also Worth Noting110
Beware of the evil genies determined to knock you from your magic carpet. With a little strategy and skill, you can trap them in bottles - but work quickly before they re-emerge. A lively arcade-style game for the VIC, we've added a version for the 64. A joystick is required.
Bryan Files
Fire your laser and defend your planet from the invading Ryiads in this keyboard controlled game for the VIC and 64.
Fernando Ciccarelli, Marcel Ferreira
In this unusual action game for the 64, your goal is to prevent hostile tanks from crossing into your territory. By aiming carefully and avoiding direct hits, you may make it to the rank of Marshal.
Boris Litinsky
Descent To Kaylon66
Gliding asteroids and a layer of clouds separate you from your supply base on Planet Kaylon. Is safe passage possible? For the VIC and 64.
Steve Stiglich
Education/Home Applications 
Computing For Families: A Look At New Books From "Reggie" D'Ignazio80
Fred D'Ignazio
This handy money manager will help you keep your checkbook and your budget balanced. For disk or tape users. Versions are included for the VIC and 64.
Robert N. Pineau
BASIC Magic: The Four Most Important BASIC Commands80
Michael S. Tomczyk
Machine Language For Beginners: Getting Started116
Richard Mansfield
Power BASIC: Slowpoke138
This very short machine language program, from a twelve-year-old author and programmer, allows you to control the speed of the PRINT command. We've added some suggestions for using this routine. For the VIC and 64.
Daniel R. Widyono
Hints & Tips: Creating Program Listing Files142
Richard N. Wilfong
Programming Sound And Graphics With The Super Expander 64155
Tired of endless PEEKing and POKEing to get the sound and graphics you want on your 64? This cartridge offers some alternatives.
Lee Noel, Jr
Function Key160
The function keys can be extremely useful if you know how to program them. This shor utility program for the VIC and 64 allows you to define each function key and save your newly defined keyboard to tape or disk.
Willie Brown
Disk Auto Load for the 64164
Have you ever wanted to type LOAD"*",8,1 and have your favorite program automatically load and run itself like commercial software packages do? "Disk Auto Load" for the 64 will create a program to do just that.
Dan Carmichael
The Editor's Notes6
Lance Elko
Gazette Feedback10
User Group Update90
Simple Answers To Common Questions134
Tom R. Halfhill
Horizons: 64146
Commodore Plus/4
Charles Brannon
VICreations: VIC Mailbag152
In this month's column, we'll take a look in the mailbag and answer few questions.
Dan Carmichael
Program listings 
MLX is a labor-saving utility that allows almost failsafe entry of machine language programs published in COMPUTE!'s GAZETTE. You need to know nothing aboutmachine language to use MLX - it was designed for everyone. There are separate versions for the Commodore 64 and expanded VIC-20 (at least 8K).
Charles Brannon
How To Type In COMPUTE!'s Gazette Programs168
The Automatic Proofreader169
Program Listings170
Bug-Swatter: Modifications And Corrections221
Disk Tricks (September); Screen-80 (September); Spelling Critter for 64 (June); Mystery At Marple Manor (September)
Product Mart221
Advertisers' Index224

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