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PC Magazine

Volume 8, issue 11 (June, 1989): OS/2 Databases and Fonts

Table of Contents
Cover Story 
Databases for OS/2: The First Wave98
OS/2 is celebrating its second birthday, but so far it's had a lonely childhood. Hundreds of applications have been promised; few have been delivered. PC Magazine looks at these powerful OS/2 databases that have made it to market: Paradox OS/2, Q&A OS/2, and R:BASE OS/2. Each promises to increase your productivity; each promises significant improvements over its DOS conterpart. But is that reason enough to make the switch to OS/2?
Richard Hale Shaw
Features Table98
Performance Tests122
Software: Forms Software Fills in the Blanks139
Almost nothing permeates business as much as paper forms. But PC-based forms-generation programs, a hot new category of software, can help free you from huge paper stockpiles. Like the documents they produce, forms packages come in all shapes and sizes. PC Labs examines 16 of these exciting new programs, testing teir ability to handle tasks from forms creation to data entry an export.
Henry Fersko-Weiss
Features Table154
Fonts: The Elements of Type Style206
Why let your laser printer emulate an ordinary typewriter when there are hundreds of creative, eye-catching fonts to choose from? Whether the look you want is elegant or offbeat, there is no better way to put your personal stamp on a document that by using fonts. PC Magazine looks at all the latest PC-based soft fonts and font cartridges as well as the newest font generators, utilities, and editors. We'll show you how to get the most out of your LaserJet or PostScript printer, and alsso out of your font software.
Edward Mendelson
Editorial Product Index442
First Looks 
Hands On - Lotus's Magellan33
Everyman's personal information manager?
Hands On - 12-Mhz Toshiba T160033
..features a dazzling screen
Hands On - Software Carousel 3.033
Premier task switcher handles larger partitions, VGA screens
Hands On - Publishers' VGA33
.. combines VGA adapter, image capture
Hands On - The Soft Kicker33
$69 Ventura Publisher utility makes EGA, VGA monitors mimic full-page displays
Hands On - ShortCut33
A 12.5-MHz 286 accelerator board
Hands On - DataType33
The latest contender in the Lotus 1-2-3 print-enhancement fray
Hands On - InterFont Cartridges33
High-capacity font cartridges made to order
After Hours 
Personal Ancestor File452
Keep track of your origins
Hidden agenda452
A stategy game for the budding statesman
Star Wars452
Use your PC to battle the Empire's evil forces
Looking for Love (In Several Wrong Places)452
More fun with Leisure Suit Larry
Universal Military Simulator452
Replay history
PC Lab Notes: Moving Up to dBASE IV297
With its walth of new features, dBASE IV can present a fomidable challenge to dBASE III Plus users. The overview and tips presented in this column will smoothly pave the upgrade road.
Richard Hale Shaw, Tony Lima
Utilities: Putting Color in the OS/2 Kernel329
The first OS/2 utility to appear in this column, COLOR.EXE lets you dress up your screen while using the text-mode applications likely to be the earliest ported to the new operating system.
Jeff Prosise
Environments: PM Functions in Non-PM Porgrams343
As a rule, PM functions can be called only from within Presentation Manager programs. But as INISHOW.EXE demostrates, rules can sometimes be broken.
Charles Petzold
Power Programming: Using Extended Memory, Part 2353
Accessing memory in protected mode requires an addressing system that is very different from the one used by regular DOS programs. The program examples and explanations in this column will get you started.
Ray Duncan
Spreadsheet Clinic363
An in-depth look at altering the colors of structures in a Lotus 1-2-3 worksheet; calculating the standard deviation of a population sample with the @STD and @VAR functions.
Douglas Cobb, Steven Cobb
Turning ATTRIB into a file finder with a DOS 3.3 feature; ensuring prper installation of program disks; copying the contents of an entire floppy disk to one hard disk file.
Neil J. Rubenking
Power User377
Create Microsoft Word files on one system and print them on another; avoid confusion when using multiple windows; speed up spell checking of large files with WordPerfect's dictionary.
Craig L. Stark
Connectivity Clinic383
Solutions for easy and inexpensive modem sharing; prevent anomalies and save RAM by removing programs from memory; making PC-to-Sun workstation connections.
Frank J. Derfler, Jr.
View Points 
Letters To PC Magazine15
PC Advisor27
Technical graphs from Lotus 1-2-3 data; cataloging software for coin collectors; a mini-network for two machines.
Lori Grunin
Signs Of The Nineties65
Bill Machrone
Crazy Mistakes, Part 271
John C. Dvorak
Inside Track73
John C. Dvorak
PCs and the Fax Culture77
Jim Seymour
In Seach of the Killer App83
William F. Zachmann
Mr. Computer, Take a Letter - Please!91
Stephen Manes
Direct Marketing Connection391
Reader Service Card443
Coming Up445
Advertisers' Product Index447
Index to Advertisers451

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