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Euromicro Newsletter

Volume 2, issue 4 (October, 1976)

Table of Contents
Editor's Notice2
Special Section on Multimicroprocessor systems 
Guest Editor's Notice3
Distributed Computing Systems: A Biased Review5
Le Project P.A.R.I.S.19
The CORAIL Builing Block System29
A New Architecture for Process Control Computers: NARCIS Project34
A Pipeline Architecture Oriented Towards Efficient Multitasking40
Microprogramming - An Interface Property48
A Small Operating System for a 8080 Micro-computer System54
Cross-macroassembler for Micro MCS-80 in a HP-2116-B Minicomputer65
Microprocessor Applications Bibliography72
Euromicro Calendar101
News Items, Calls for Papers105

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