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Hewlett-Packard Journal

Volume 39, issue 5 (October, 1988)

Table of Contents
Discless HP-UX Workstations6
HP-UX 6.0 provides low-cost discless workstation operaiton over a local area network. It also provides a single file system view, intervendor file sharing, and conformance to UNIX® System V Interface Definition (SVID) semantics.
Scott W. Wang
Program management
Scott W. Wang
A Discless HP-UX File System10
Debra S. Bartlett, Joel D. Tesler
Discless Program Execution and Virtual Memory Management15
Ching-Fa Hwang, William T. McMahon
The Design of Network functions for Discless Clusters20
David O. Gutierrez, Chiuan-Shium Lin
Crash Detection and Recovery in a Discless HP-UX System27
Annette Randel
Boot Mechanism for Discless HP-UX33
Perry E. Scott, John S. Marvin, Robert D. Quist
Discless System Configuration Taks37
Kimberly S. Wagner
Small Computer System Interface39
The SCSI standard is the newest interface for the HP9000 Series 300 family of HP-UX workstations. It offers improved performance, simplicity in design, a wide choice of controller chips, and wide acceptance in the UNIX® community.
Paul Q. Perlmutter
X: A Window System Standard for Distributed Computing Environments46
Frank E. Hall, James B. Byers
Managing the Development of the HP DeskJet Printer51
Forays into unexplored regions of techonolgy are inevitable in the development of breaktrough products, but they must be limited and carefully managed.
John D. Rhodes
Market Research as a Design Tool
Alan Grube
Human Factors and Industrial Design of the HP DeskJet Printer
Don McClelland
Development of a High-Resolution Thermal Inkjet Printer55
The HP DeskJet printer's 300-dot-per-inch resolution is fundamental to its ability to produce laser quality output.
William A. Buskirk, David E. Hackleman, Stanley T. Hall, Paula H. Kanarek, Robert N. Low, Kenneth E. Trueba, Richard R. Van de Poll
Integrating the Printhead into the HP DeskJet Printer62
The printerhead support systems provide signals to energize the ink-firing resistors, electrical connections to the pen, a carriage to hold and move the pen, and elements to protect and maintain the pen.
J. Paul Harmon, John A. Widder
DeskJet Printer Chassis and Mechanism Design67
One mechanism moves the carriage while another uses a single motor to pick, feed, and eject paper and prime the pen. The polycarbonate chassis supports everything.
Larry A. Jackson, Kieran B. Kelly, David W. Pinkernell, Steve O. Rasmussen, John A. Widder
Data to Dots in the HP DeskJet Printer76
A microprocessor-controlled custom IC manipulates dot data to provide double-width, half-width, comressed, half-height, draft-quality, bold, underlined, and tall characters, and graphics, too.
Donna J. May, Mark D. Lund, Thomas B. Pritchard, Claude W. Nichols
The DeskJet Printer Custom Ingrated Circuit
Thomas B. Pritchard
DeskJet Printer Font Design
Bruce Yano
Firmware for a Laser-Quality Thermal Inkjet Printer81
The firmware resident in the HP DeskJet printer is divided into generic printer code and printer specific code. An optional catridge provides Epson FX-80 emulation.
Mark J. DiVittorio, Brian Cripe, Claude W. Nichols, Michael S. Ard, Kevin R. Hudson, David J. Neff
Slow-Down Mode
Claude W. Nichols
Robotic Assembly of HP DeskJet Printer Circuit Board in a Just-in-Time Environment87
A high-speed machine places most of the surface mount components while a vision-guided robot places small components and plastic leaded chip carriers.
P. David Gast
DeskJet Printer Design for Manufacturability
Don Harring
Fabricated Parts Tooling Plan
C/M and Machine Vision in the Production of Thermal Inkjet Printerheads91
Machine vision systems for DeskJet printhead production range from open-loop/no-go systems to process verification systems to completely integrated process control systems.
Mark C. Huth, Robert A. Conder, Gregg P. Ferry, Brian L. Helterline, Robert F. Aman, Timothy S. Hubley
Whole Wafer Assembly of Thermal Inkjet Printerheads
Robert F. Aman
Production Print Quality Evaluation of the DeskJet Printer
Timothy S. Hubley
Economical, High-Performance Optical Encoders100
These high-resolution optical encoders are inexpensive and easy to install, making closed-loop motion control feasible in high-volume, extremely cost sensitive applications.
Howard C. Epstein, Mark G. Leonard, Robert Nicol
Basics of Optical Incremental Encoders
A Complete Encoder Based on the HEDS-9000 Encoder Module
Chris Togami
In this Issue4
What's Ahead5

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