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Volume 5, issue 2 (February, 1984)

Table of Contents
It's a Database, It's an Editor, It's a Language -- It's dBASE II56
A database management tool and a programming language, dBASE II is groomed for programmers and nonprogrammers alike
Bruce H. Hunter
Using WordStar to Create Mailmerge-Compatible dBASE II Files66
Overcome the problem of unwanted spaces between words when you create a WordStar document with a dBASE II file
Paul W. Heiser
Banish Gremlins from your Interfaces70
Learn to use the various CP/M-based software packages in combination as one creative tool
Alan Simpson
Datestamp you dBASE II74
A technique to pass the date to dBASE from any realtime clock without the irritation of keying in
Edward Heyman
RSX: The Resident System Extension in CP/M Plus78
The RSX will extend the operating system, implement debuggers, and enable the user to create novel and exciting utilities
Ronald G. Fowler
Ways to Keep You Cool86
S-100 mainframes that are fully professional inside and out, and designed with an accent on both performance and safety
Dave Hardy, Ken Jackson
CP/M Disk Parameter Tables90
Because the DPB and DPH specify how data is stored on disk, setting them up involves sensitive decisions about the disk subsystem
Richard Rodman
Display Manager96
A productivity tool from Digital Research that is ideal for the programmer who intends to write marketable software
Alan Simpson
Deblocking in CP/M 2.2100
The mechanics of the blocking/deblocking algorithm, and a guide for hackers who want to implement the BDS at home
Richard I. Silverman
Microsystems Reviews: AUTODEX107
A front-end, menu-driven utility that will satisfy all your indexing needs
Bob Kowitt
The Versatile Turbo Pascal110
A complete program development package for both beginners and professionals, at price that's a steal
David W. Carroll
Editor's Page9
A response to the criticism of the IEEE: A guest editorial
Robert G. Stewart
News and Views12
P-CP/M in beta test, Large LCD screen introduced, IBM drops Josephson device project, Osborne news, The war of the windows
Sol Libes
The S-100 Bus16
Diagnostic hardware for front panel-less S-100 machines
Dave Hardy
The CP/M Bus22
While MS-DOS is approaching the power of UNIX, CP/M is still the same OS familiar to 8080 and Z80 programmers
Anthony Skjellum
The UNIX File32
"To use UNIX well, you must undestand not only how to use the programs, but also how they fit into the environment" - Kerighan & Pike
Ian F. Darwin
From the Sidelines40
The battle for the personal computer market
Hank Kee
Letters to the Editor50
This month... trouble on a static RAM board, a new version of MP/M 8-16, and a special treat for CP/M hackers
Software Directory116
Autocode I, REBOS, Quickcode, dUTIL, Quickscreen, dGRAPH, CPL: Computer Phone Link, W$L: Wall Street Link
New Products120
Z8 Basic 8-channel A/D converter, Trasien overvoltage supresor for home electronics, Klee-Line conditioner, AC line filter and trasient surge supressor, Conditional power strip prevents unexplained data loss, Transient voltage surge suppressor, Surge Sponge protects RS-232 interface, Line-Saver uninterruptible power system

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