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System programming under CP/M-80

Lawrence E. Hughes

In English
ISBN: 0-8359-7456-1 (Fennica) (HelMet) (Kirjastot.fi) (Library of Congress)
LCCN: 83-3136 (Library of Congress)
Publisher: Reston Publishing Company, Inc.

Tgus new book is your complete source for information on how to use and program uder the CP/M operating system. While many other books on the market contain only assembly lnaguage programming, this book gives you a look at how to program innovatively using CP/M. Numerous subtle programming techiques are included, illustrated by usable utility programs. It also includes information on installing and modifying CP/M, complete BIOS for CP/M-802.2, and a proposed standard for double density and/or double sided 8" disks.

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