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CP/M Primer

Stephen M. Murtha and Mitchell Waite

first edition, second print In English
ISBN: 0-672-21791-0 (Fennica) (HelMet) (Kirjastot.fi) (Library of Congress)
LCCN: 80-53271 (Library of Congress)
Publisher: Howard W. Sams & Co., Inc.

CP/M, which stands for Control Program for Microcomputers, is a very popular disk operating system for the 8080, 8085, and Z80 microcomputers. This book has been written to help to get you quickly into using and working with CP/M.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Introduction to CP/M7
What Is an Operating System? -- The History of CP/M -- What Is an Microcomputer? -- Why CP/M Is so Popular -- What Is the Future for CP/M?
Chapter 2 A CP/M Microcomputer: Hardware and Software Concepts15
Central Processing Unit (CPU) -- Memory -- Input/Output -- Logical and Physical I/O -- Machine Language -- Assembly Language -- High Level Languages -- Application Programs -- Futher Reading
Chapter 3 Starting Up and First Using a CP/M System21
Booting a CP/M System -- CP/M Memory Usage and Organization -- CP/M Files -- Resident Commands -- Transient Commands (Utilities)
Chapter 4 System Initialization: FORMAT, SYSGEN, and MOVCPM33
How Information Is Stored on a Diskette -- Copying a CP/M System -- Modifying a CP/M System Image -- Trying Out Your New CP/M Diskettes
Chapter 5 Stat and Pip39
STAT Overview -- STAT and Disk Files -- I/O Devices and STAT: Specialized Uses -- PIP Overview -- Other PIP Features
Chapter 6 ED the CP/M Editor45
Initiating ED -- ED Operation -- Basic Editing Commands -- Advanced Editing Features -- ED Error Conditions -- One Final Note
Chapter 7 ASM: The CP/M Assember53
Introduction -- About ASM, the CP/M Assembler -- 8080 Architechture -- Program Format -- Arithmetic and Logical Operators -- Assembler Directives -- A Sample Session
Chapter 8 DDT: The CP/M Dynamic Debugging Tool63
The Parts of DDT -- DDT Commands -- Loading a File -- Program Display and Modification -- Tracing Program Execution -- A Sample DDT Session -- Saving Your Program
Appendix A The Internal Structure of CP/M75
Generalized System Call -- Basic I/O System Calls -- Disk I/O System Calls
Appendix B CP/M Compatible Software81
Appendix C CP/M Reference87

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