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Spectrum Hardware Manual

Andrian C. Dickens

In English
ISBN: 0-86161-115-2 (Fennica) (HelMet) (Kirjastot.fi) (Library of Congress)
National Library of Australia Card Number and ISBN: 0-86759-120-X
Publisher: Melbourne House (Publishers) Ltd

The Sinclair Spectrum has revolutionised the world of microcomputers with its ability to offer a very sophisticated colour computer at a price that would have been unthikable just a couple of years ago.

Now Adrian Dickens explains exactly what is inside the Spectrum, and how it works.

Full circuit diagrams and a detailed explanation of each component make it easy to undestand the hardware side of this remarkable microcomputer.

Many features not revealed in the Sinclair Manual are discussed here: how to adjust the colours of your own TV set, how to amplify the sound of the internal loudspeaker, and much more.

Practical hardware projects include how to connect a full size keyboard, connecting the Spectrum to the outside world, and how to build your own joysticks for use with Spectrum.

The Spectrum Hardware Manual is a book that will be an essential companion to anyone wishing to discover how the Spectrum operates or wishing to expand its potential.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Introduction7
Chapter 2 General overview of the complete Spectrum9
Chapter 3 The power supply15
- how the Spectrum power supplies work - current limits - adding your own
Chapter 4 The Z80A central processing unit23
- what it does - pin descriptions
Chapter 5 Video and program memory27
Chapter 6 The Basic read only memory31
Chapter 7 The Keyboard33
Chapter 8 The Ucommited logic array37
- what it does - pin descriptions - the 'Dead Cockroach' - avoiding video memory conflicts - interrupts - clocks - keyboard and cassette input - cassette, butzzer and border color outputs
Chapter 9 The memory expansion sockets46
- upgrading to 48K
Chapter 10 The video circuit54
Chapter 11 Tuning your video circuit for better quality displays56
- changing the color or gray scale
Chapter 12 The Edge connector59
- contact by contact description
Chapter 13 Fault diagnostics62
- no display? - No color? - random graphics?
Chapter 14 Experimenting with the edge connector64
- construction hints - using the accesible signals - _RESET, _INT, _IORQGE, _NMI, _HALT - 128 I/O ports
Chapter 15 Adding a Z80A PIO chip73
- a practical example
Chapter 16 Adding your own keyboard79
- a construction project
Chapter 17 Adding Sinclair compatible joysticks83
- construction project - APOLLO game program
Chapter 18 Constructing an 8 channel analogue to digital converted89
- use as a joystick input - drawing program
Appendix A Glossary97
Appendix B References99
Appendix C Parts list cross reference100
Appendix D Component layout diagram102
Appendix E Complete circuit diagram104

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