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The Commodore C128 CP/M Plus

One of the special features of the Commodore 128 is ability to run native Zilog Z80 code. Here is the source code of the latest know version of C128 CP/M v3.0 dated May 28th, 1987.

Also available for download.

Build instructions
CX80.ASM 40/80 column drivers
CXDISK.ASMDisk controller
CXEM.ASM ADM-31 terminal emulation
CXEXT.ASM External drive support
CXINTR.ASMInterrupt handler
CXKEY.ASM Keyboard handler
CXKRNL.ASMBIOS root module
CXKYCODE.ASMKeyboard definitions
CXPRINTE.ASMPrinter drivers
CXVT.ASM VT-100 terminal emulation
FAST8502.ASM8502 drivers
CPM3.LIB Macro definitions for BIOS data structures
CXEQU.LIB General macro definitions and equates
MODEBAUD.LIBEquates for mode byte
X6502.LIB Macros for 6502 assembly
Z80.LIB Macros for Z80 assembly
CZ.SUB Make batch

For further information:

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