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Luxor ABC 802 Technical Specifications

Display210 x 240 x 315 (h x w x d)
Foot 88 x 200 x 160 (h x w x d)
Weight 8 kg
Controls Power switch, brightness and volume
Power supply Switching
230 V ± 15% 0.5A fuse or
115 V ± 15% 1.0A fuse.
Frequency from 40 to 60 Hz.
Maximum power consumption 60 W.
Architecture Motherboard 200 x 233 mm, 4 layers.
ROM/PROM (system program)
RAM (user memory)
Voice generator
Character generator
Cassette port
Communications ports, 2 pcs
ABC-bus port
Keyboard port
Monitor port
ROM/PROM:24 k BASIC interpreter
4 k DOS (disk operating system)
4 k printer and terminal functions
RAM: 64 k, 32 k primary and 32 k data storage memory (RAM-disk)
2 k screen memory
Data storage memory can be used for other operating system f.ex. CP/M.
Central processing unit, CPU Microprocessor Z80A
Word size 8 bits
Clock frequency 3 MHz
Programming language BASIC II
Voice generator Program controllable summer
Input and output
Cassette port Transfer speed 700/2400 baud
Communications port CH.AAsynchronous transfer. Programmable speed 50-19200 baud. Reserved for printer.
Communications port CH.BSynchronous/Asynchronous input and/or output. Programmable speed 50-19200 baud. Possible other input/output speeds. Reserved for communication. Exact type of communication depends on application.
ABC-bus For installing floppy drive, expansion card, expansion unit, etc
Monitor port Composite video and voice for standard TV
ABC NET Hardware for ABC NET build in
Connectors External display, 6-pin DIN
Cassette port, 5-pin DIN
Communications ports CH.A and CH.B, 9-pin D-sub
ABC-bus, 64-pin Europa connector
Monitor port, 6-pin DIN
Operating temperature +5 to +35°C
Storage temperature -40 to +55°C
Humidity 10 to 88% relative humidity
Reliability MTBF >10000 h
Character generator (monochrome)
Display format 24 rows with 80 or 40 character
Character format Character cell, 10 x 6 points
Character matrix, 9 x 5 points
Character set 96 characters ISO set
Character graphics 64 graphic characters (TELEDATA)
Resolution max 72 x 158 points
Scrolling Automatic scrolling up
Attribute Inverse video (positive text)
Picture tube 240 mm (10-inch), 90 degree deflection
Text area 160 x 120mm
Phosphate amber (orange) L5C
High voltage 9 kV
Distortion lessor equal to 9%
Classification SEMKO, DEMKO, NEMKO, FI

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