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Volume 10, issue 7 (July, 1985)

Table of Contents
Programming Project: New Perspectives on Nearby Stars106
A Macintosh programming project in Pascal
Bruce Webster
Liquid-Crystal Displays for Portables119
Inside the display techology that has made portable computers portable
Glenn J. Adler
Product Description: The GRiDCase129
These new porables are IBM PC-compatible and one version has a gas-plasma display
Rich Malloy
Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: Living in a Sensible Environment141
A collection of alarm and environmental monitoring circuits
Steve Ciarcia
Programming Insight: Travesty Revisited163
The Travesty generator is recast in compiled BASIC
Murray Lesser
Programming Insight: Real-Number Formatting Your Apple171
This subroutine lets you specify the decimal length of any real number
Brent Daviduck
Updating the Oldest Science179
Astronomers are using microcomputers in a variety of applications
Russell M. Genet
Microcomputers in NASA's SIR-B192
A network of personal computers in the space program
Richard Wilton
Comet Lines in FORTRAN203
The program described calculates the positions of asteroids and comets
David S. Dixon
Tracking Earth Satellites215
The Stumpff program can help you calculate earth-orbiting satellite positions with high precision
E. H. Weiss
Automating a Telescope227
Computerizing the repetitious tasks in variable-star photometry
Louis J. Boyd
Astronomical Computing with Micros239
Increasing the amamteur astronomer's reach
Richard Bochonko, William T. Peters
Astronomy Sources244
An Astronomy Glossary245
Reviewer's Notebook251
Glenn Hartwig
Texas Instruments' Pro-Lite Professional Computer252
A briefcase size computer compatible with the TI Professional
Richard Grehan, Eva White
NCR Personal Computer Model 4258
A sturdy IBM PC-compatible
Elaine Holden
Monitoring Halley's Comet265
Three programs for tracking the celestial visitor
John E. Mosley
Space-Flight Simulators269
Rendezvous with a space station or travelto Saturn
Benjamin Bernar
An outline processor that has its own programming language
William Hershey
The Anchor Automation Signalman Mark XII Modem287
The MARK XII incorporates interesting features, yet lacks full Hayes compatibility
George V. Kinal
Review Feedback295
Computing at Chaos Manor: Come to the Faire309
The Stride Faire, Niklaus Wirth, Micro Modula-2, The Nod, ScenicWriter, Lilth CAD System, The MacFaire, MegaMac and Mac Software Galore
Jerry Pournelle
Chaos Manor Mail309
Jerry Pournelle
BYTE West Coast: SNOBOL and Icon341
Language designer Ralph Griswold looks at his language
Ezra Shapiro
BYTE U.K.: Starlit Spectrum353
Using the Sinclair Spectrum to collect and process astronomical data
Dick Pountain
BYTE Japan: Peripherals, Chips, and New Computers363
Erasable optical-disc coating from Fujitsu and more new Japanese products
William M. Raike
According to Webster: Start-up367
Fat Mac, MacWorld Exposition, XL/Serve, MacAide, MacNosy, Airborne, QC-10, Mac Bernoulli Box, ChipWits, Macintosh p-System, Macadvantage, Mind Prober, Videx and GEM Seminar
Bruce Webster
Mathematical Recreations: Parsing and Solving Linear Equations385
Set up and solve simultaneous linear equations
Robert T. Kurosaka
Circuit Cellar Feedback391
Steve Ciarcia
Sol Libes
Editorial: Equal Access to Computers: Scruples or Rubles?6
Phil Lemmons
New Multiuser UNIX Systems
AT&T Offers 32-bit Processor to Other Companies
New 80286 Systems Flood COMDEX
Network Products Announced
Add-on Makers Support Expanded Memory Specification
Mosai Unveils 1-2-3 Twin
Fixes and Updates33
ROMDISK Pricing Lowered
Statement amplified (June 1985)
Some Fixes for Sunfix (March 1985)
Bugs in Frequency Analyzer (January 1985)
Name Corrected (March 1985)
Servio Listing Misserves a Line (February 1985)
Knowledge Index Numbers Change (December 1985)
BYTE Index Produced
Author's Guide Available
Public-Domain Software Offering
Serial Version of Printer Buffer
What's New39, 406
Xerox Products (6085, 6060 family, 4045 Laser CP)
IBM PC XT-, PC AT-Compatible Computers (NCR PC8, PC6)
Visual Environment for C Programmers (Living Software C-Personal)
IBM Jetprinter and Proprinter
80285 Add-in Board for IBM PC and PC XT (Phoenix Computer Products Pfaster286)
High-Speed Modem (Electronic Vaults UPTA 96)
Zenith's Z-200 Advanced PC
NS32032 Add-in Board for IBM (DFE Electronic Data Systems Tiger-32)
Macintosh Spreadsheet (Paladin Software Crunch)
Spectravideo Product Line (Bondwell 34, Bondwell 36, Bondwell 2, Bondwell 22)
BT/AT Computer is Compatible with PC AT (Basic Time)
Programmable Logic Chips (Altera EP310)
Ask BYTE48
Steve Ciarcia
Clubs & Newsletters58
Book Reviews65
Personal Computers and Special Needs
Digital Image Processing: A Practical Primer
Pascal Applications for the Sciences
Assembly Cookbook for the Apple II/IIe
1985 Programmer's Market
John Wilke, Richard J. Cass, Steven H. Rogers, Roger Cox, E. Francis Avila
Event Queue85
Books Received395
Unclassified Ads461
BYTE's Ongoing Monitor Box, BOMB Results462
Reader Service463

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