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Volume 2, issue 2 (February, 1977)

Table of Contents
Sweet Auto Line12
Willard I. Nico
Build This Economy Floppy Disk Interface34
Kenneth B. Welles
Audible Interrupts For Humans54
Charles F. Douds
The Impossible Dream Cassette Interface82
Daniel Lomax
Calculator Keyboard Input for the Microcomputer104
Joseph Hoegerl
Add Some BARC to Your 8080132
Charles Howerton
The Digital Cassette Subsystem, Part 1: Digital Recording Background and Head Interface Electronics24
Ira Jay Rampil, Jack Breimeir
Color Displays on Black and White Television Sets44
Steve Bain
Serial Storage Media: Introduction and Glossary50
Brian D. Murphy
Cub 54, Where Are You? (Or How to Navigate Using Mini-O)62
Ralph W. Burhans
Microprocessor Update: The F8 System88
Robert W. Baker
A MIKBUG Roadmap96
John Rathkey
TTL Loading Considerations122
Greg Tomalesky
In This BYTE2
Guest Editorial: Personal Computing: An Idea Whose Time Has Come!4
Portia Isaacson
Ask BYTE32
What's New?60, 111, 118
It's Here at Last (Technico TMS-9900)
What to Do with an Olevier Audio Reader (OP-80A)
New Case of Independent Suppliers (Smoke Signal Broadcasting)
SLAM: A Software New Product for Professionals (PennMicro)
Attention Music Lovers (Chateau Engineering Co SCORTOS)
Here is a Neat Little 8 K 6800 System (Electronic Product Associates Inc Expanded-68)
Software New Product (EDUCOMP ETOS)
Take a Look, All Ye Timesharing Freaks, Microcomputer Users without Terminals (Computer Conversion Corp. Conversor 4000)
Attention Commercial and Industrial 6502 Users: A PDP-11 Cross Assembler is Now Available (COMPAS MINmic 1165 Cross Assembler)
Baker Street Irregular86
Classfied Ads100
Product Description: Put Your Computer to Work102
A Multi Cassette Controller
Bill Roch
Clubs, Newsletters108
Book Reviews112
How to Buy and Use Minicomputers and Microcomputers
Electronic Projects for Musicians
The Compleat Computer
Jim Travisano, Linda Blocki
BYTE's Bugs119
APL Commentary
Where Is It? (Pocket data terminals, November 1976)
Further Notes on Bar Codes121
Kil O'Byte124
BYTE's Bits126
A Computer Oriented Radio Talk Show
The Shouthernmost Computer Store
Attention Educators
Computer Warehouse Store Opening
The Word "Byte" Comes of Age...144
W. Buchholz
About the Cover - Venus de Plotto146
Reader's Service160

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