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Volume 3, issue 11 (November, 1978)

Table of Contents
An Exchange Evaluator for Computer Chess16
Dan Spracklen, Kathe Spracklen
The Sky's The Limit: Use Ham Radio for Intercomputer Communication48
Joe Kasser
Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: I've Got You in My Scanner!76
A Computer Controlled Stepper Motor Light Scanner
Steve Ciarcia
Languages Forum: Defining a Language: PL/B100
David L. Wilson
A Classroom Demostration: Controlling a System with a Microcomputer112
Garnet L. Hill
A Multiuser Data Network: Communicating Over VHF Radio120
Robert E. Bruninga
A Cassette Interface Switching Box for the TRS-80160
Craig Anderton
Creating a Chess Player, Part 2: Chess 0.5162
Part 1 of this series ("Creating a Chess Player", October 1978 BYTE page 182) was an essay on human and computer skill. This month and next we present Chess 0.5, a program written in Pascal by Larry Atkin, who is coauthor with David Slate of the world champioship computer chess program Chess 4.6. This program is readily adaptable to presonal computers having Pascal systems such as the UCSD Pascal project software. Part 4 of the series will conclude with some thoughts about computer chess strategy.
Peter W. Frey, Larry R. Atkin
A "Tiny" Pascal Compiler, Part 3: P-Code to 8080 Coversion182
Kin-Man Chung, Herbert Yuen
Functional Approximations34
Fred R. Ruckdeschel
Distributed Network62
Glen Horton
Computer Assisted Instruction on a Microcomputer90
Melvin Davidson, George A. Gerhold, Larry Kheriaty
Hobbyist Computerized Bulletin Board150
Ward Christensen, Randy Suess
Product Description: Heath Microprocessor Training System158
W. N. Hubin
In This BYTE4
Editorial: On the Virtues of Writing Editors6
Carl Helmers
Programming Quickie: Checkbook Blancer66
Rod Hallen
Machine Language Puzzler: TIMOUT74
Christopher Strangio
Event Queue96
Book Reviews132
Etudes for Programmers
Program Style, Design, Efficiency, Debugging and Testing
(Microcomputer) Problem Solving Using PASCAL
Noel K. Julkowski, F. Sokolowski, Richard J. Cichelli
Puzzle: Hextext135
Technical Forum: Transmission of Digital Data Over Twisted Pair Lines136
Edward Beebe
BYTE's Bits140
Department of Missing Authors
Change of Address
Lvy Swats, Wins Bet
Computers for Kydes
Papers on Computing in the Humanities
A Puzzling Switch
BYTE's Bugs146
Sweets for KIM Spurned (February 1978)
A Minor Mode (December 1977)
Irresistable Capacitor (July 1978)
Univac Had It First (August 1978)
Translation Error (February 1978)
Pascal a Wrong Number? (August 1978)
A Looming Bug (July 1978)
Clubs, Newsletters148
What's New?193
Unclassified Ads230
Reader Service232

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