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Volume 9, issue 4 (April, 1987)

Table of Contents
Report from the Winter Consumer Electronics Show: The Fireworks Continue18
A resyrgent Commodore, an aggressive Atari, and a raft of inexpensive PC compatibles were among the highlights in the personal computer section of this year's Winter Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas.
From the show emerged new Amiga computers, more powerful Atari STs, continuing innovations for Commodore 64 and 128, more Atari II news, and enough new twists to kick off 1987 with a bang.
Selby Bateman, Tom R. Halfhill
SpeedScipt 80: The 80-Column Machine Language Word Processor for Apple II41
COMPUTE! is proud to present SpeedScript 80, an 80-column word processor for Apple IIe, IIc, and IIgs computers. Based on SpeedScript 3.0, which was first published in the June 1985 issue of COMPUTE! magazine, SpeedScript 80 is an impressive word processing application that's easy to learn, and just as easy to use. If you already have and use SpeedScript, you can save yourself retyping time by following the easy instructions which show you how to modify SpeedScript for 80 columns. SpeedScript 80 runs on any Apple IIc and IIgs, and on IIe computers with an 80-column card. DOS 3.3 and ProDOS versions are included.
Charles Brannon, Kevin Martin, Bill Rodrick
Menu Planner60
For those who like to plan ahead, there's an easy-to-use BASIC program that lets you plan dinner menus for an entire week in advance. Versions are included for the Commodore 64, IBM PC/PC jr, Apple II series, Atari ST, Amiga, and Atari 400, 800 , XL, and XE. A disk drive is requred. A printer is optional. The IBM PC/PCjr version requires BASICA for the PC or Cartridge BASIC for the PCjr.
W. M. Shockley
Tass Times in Tonetown64
Ervin Bobo
Airheart for the Apple II65
James V. Trunzo
Lance Haffner Games66
James V. Trunzo
Instant Music for the Amiga67
Neil Randall
The SoundMouse68
Rhett Anderson
The Editor's Notes4
Richard Mansfield
Readers' Feedback8
Computer Laryngitis, Keyboard Polling In ST BASIC, Deleting Apple Documents, Timing In Compiled Commodore BASIC, Autostarting IBM BASIC Programs, IBM PC/PCjr Hidden Files, Missing MAKEDIR, IBM PrtSc Revisited, 2 Times 8 Is Not 16, Null String Blues
The Beginner's Page: Odds and Ends69
C. Regena
Computers and Society: A Meeting with an Ex-Pirate70
David D. Thornburg
The World Inside the Computer: The COMPUTEREYES/2 Digitizer72
Fred D'Ignazio
Sheldon Leemon
ST Outlook: Atari Does It Again74
Philip I. Nelson
IBM Personal Computing: Low-Priced Speed and Space75
Donald B. Trivette
AmigaView: The New Amigas76
Sheldon Leemon
Telecomputing Today: April Antics77
Arlan R. Levitan
INSIGHT: Atari - Retry, Retry, Retry Again78
Bill Wilkinson
Simple Banners for IBM PC/PCjr80
With just a few modifications, a screen graphics program for the IBM PC/PCjr can be used to print paper banners. A dot-matrix printer is required. You must also have BASIC for the IBM PC or cartridge BASIC for the PCjr.
Vic Neupauer
Easy BASIC Autoboot81
This utility for eight-bit Atari computers lets you run any Atari BASIC program automatically when you boot up the system. For Atari DOS versions 2.0 and higher.
Ron Goodman
HyperScan: A Full-Featured Mandelbrot Graphics Program82
This sophisticated, full-featured Commodore 64 program lets you explore the facinating Mandelbrot set - a mathematical object which forms the basis of some stunning graphic designs. A disk drive is required to sae and reload graphics screens. If you wish to print out graphics screens, you must have a Commodore-compatible printer capable of printing bitmapped graphics.
Kenneth W. Shepard
Disk COMpacker for IBM PC/PCjr88
Are you running out of room on your IBM PC/PCjr disks? Are your disk directories cluttered with a multitude of small COM programs? This utility conserves dik space and simplifies the directory structure of a disk by packing several COM programs into a single file. It also works with PC compatibles.
Ronald Dorchester
Amiga System Fonts91
This short program illustrates how to select different system fonts and text styles under program control in Amiga BASIC.
Daniel L. Stockton
Structured BASIC 6492
This unusual Commodore 64 utility should interest anyone who wants to learn about structured programming techniques. It introduces several new commands and programming features to Commodore 64 BASIC.
Scott Kell
Merge 12896
This Commodore 128 utility allows you to merge two programs into a single file - and resolves any linenumber conflicts in a unique way.
Jefferey D. Partch
Apple's Built-In Music Program98
Put music into your Applesoft programs the easy way: Apple's own built-in music subroutine features 50 preset pitches, a choice of five timbres (tone colors), and a wide range of note durations - and you can use it from DOS 3.3 or ProDOS.
Mike Miyake
North of the Border100
Graphics can't appear outside the screen border on Commodore 64 - or can they? This intriguing demonstration shows you how to display text and other shapes in a screen area that's normally blank.
Jim Butterfield
IFF Translator for Amiga BASIC104
This program translates IFF image files from programs such as Deluxe Paint into files which can be used in your own Amiga BASIC programs. It works only in conjunction with a drawing program that creates IFF-format image files.
Michael Barron
Magazine Indexer106
This program is a must for anyone who reads computer magazines regularly. It indexes articles by date, computer, and subject category. With the sophiticated search capabilities of "Magazine Indexer," you can easily locate groups of related articles as well as individual articles. Versions are included for the IBM PC and PCjr, the Apple II series (DOS 3.3 or ProDOS), and Atari ST.
Marc B. Sugiyama
COMPUTE!'s Author's Guide16
CAPUTE! Modifications or Corrections to Previous Articles80
Wari, Amiga Jigsaw
News & Products118
Robotic Workshop for Apple, New Software from Classic Image, Amiga Drawing Pad, Talking Software For Youngsters, Create Your Own Awards, Talk To Your Computer, Maxell Disks, New Abacus Software Products, Commodore 128 Monochrome Monitor, Word Processing On Your Amiga, New Atari ST Version of GATO, Galactic War Games, Migraph Annouces New ST Products, New Fantasy Role-Playing Game, Dot-Matrix Printer For Amiga and ST, Popular Baseball Simulation Available For Macintosh
COMPUTE!'s Guide to Typing in Programs122
MLX: Machine Language Entry Program for Commodore 64 and 128125
"MLX" is a labor-saving utility that allows almost fail-safe entry of machine language programs. Included are versions for the Commodore 64 and 128.
Ottis R. Cowper
MLX: Machine Language Entry Program for Apple129
To make it easier to enter machine language programs into your computer without typos, COMPUTE! is introducing its "MLX" entry program for the Apple II series. It's our best MLX yet. IT runs on the II, II+, IIe, and IIc, and with either DOS 3.3 or ProDOS.
Tim Victor
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