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The AmigaDOS Manual

second edition, fifth print

In English

Publisher: Bantam Books, December, 1987

ISBN: 0-553-34440-0 (Wikipedia Book Sources) (Wikipedian kirjalähteet)

Undestanding and Using DOS

Covers AmigaDOS 1.1 and 1.2! The AmigaDOS Manual, 2nd Edition, is now updated to include DOS Version 1.2. This book is a must for anyone using the Commodore Amiga computer. This is the official "documentation" for Commodore AmigaDOS. The book has three main sections: the User's Manual, which details all the available DOS commands; the Techinal Reference Manual, which expains the Amiga's elaborate filing system; and the Developer's Manual, which gives guidelines for program development in C and assembly programming languages.

Beginners and advanced users alike will appreciate this book's comprehensive coverage of AmigaDOS, a multi-tasking operating system capable of handling several programs simultaneously.

All available DOS commands, including thos for DOS 1.2, are covered in this book. Find out these and more, including:

- AmigaDOS - Explaining this multi-tasking operating system

- DOS Commands - Undestanding all the available commands

- The Screen Editor - Altering and creating text files using ED

- The Line Editor - Processing the source file sequentially using EDIT

- The Filing System - Using C or assembler under AmigaDOS

- Calling AmigaDOS - Utilizing the AmigaDOS resident library

Table of Contents
The AmigaDOS User's Manual 1
1. Introducing AmigaDOS4
2. AmigaDOS Commands40
3. ED - The Screen Editor96
4. EDIT - The Line Editor111
Appendix: Error Codes and Messages153
The AmigaDOS Developer's Manual 161
1. Programming on the Amiga163
2. Calling AmigaDOS176
3. The Macro Assember192
4. The Linker213
Appendix: Console Input and Output on the Amiga224
The AmigaDOS Technical Manual 239
The Filing System240
Amiga Binary File Structure249
AmigaDOS Data Structures268

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