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Z-80 Microprocessor Programming & Interfacing

Joseph C. Nichols, Elizabeth A. Nichols and Peter R. Rony

first edition, first print

In English

Publisher: Howard W. Sams & Co., Inc., 1979

ISBN: 0-672-21610-8 (Wikipedia Book Sources) (Wikipedian kirjalähteet)
LCCN: 79-63822 (Library of Congress)

This book, one of three volumes on the Z-80 microprocessor, covers Z-80 sogtware - assembly and machine-language programming. No prior background in computer science, programming, or digital electronics is assumed for the reader of this book. This laboratory-oriented text is designed to give an integrated approach to micrcomputer programming, Throughout the bookm, the emhasis is on learning through experimentation. The laboratory work provides reinforcement for each topic to show you not only just how ideas succeed but also where they do not so you can avoid pitfalls.

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