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COMPUTE!'s AmigaDOS Reference Guide

Arlan R. Levitan and Sheldon Leemon

In English

Publisher: COMPUTE! Publications, Inc., 1987

ISBN: 0-87455-074-5 (Wikipedia Book Sources) (Wikipedian kirjalähteet)

The Workbench, the graphics based interface which offers icons, pull-down menus, and multiple windows, isn't the only way to operate Commdore's Amiga personal computer. A more direct method of control is also available. Called the CLI (Command Line Interface), it provides added power and flexibility. COMPUTE!'s AmigaDOS Reference Guide shows you how to enter this operating environment and how to use its multitude of commands.

The CLI, similar to IBM-style command-driven environments, allows you to customize almost any disk operating system function of the Amiga. With it, you can do such things as:

- Access tow text editors - ED, a full screen editor, and EDIT, a line editor - for text and program entry

- Use the RAM disk, available only through the CLI, to set aside portions of memory as an electronic disk drive, signficantly speeding up access.

- Create command sequeence files to automate almost any task, from startup to copying files.

- Eliminate the tedious disk swapping so common to single-drive Amiga systems

- Directly control the printer, screen, hard disk, and console devices

- Set up customized file directories and subdirectories

- And much more

COMPUTE!'s AmigaDOS Reference Guide is both an easily undestood tutorial and a comprehensive reference guide. It takes you step by step through the intricacies of AmigaDOS, from creating a CLI disk which bypasses the Workbench to building your own command sequence files. Thoroughly illustrated with practical examples, it lets you quickly explore the CLI and AmigaDOS.

An AmigaDOS Command Reference presents each AmigaDOS command, detailing its purpose, format, and parameters. Countless examples demostrate how each works. You'll continue to use the Command Reference long after you've become an expert at the CLI.

Table of Contents
Part 1. Using AmigaDOS 1
Chapter 1 - Introduction to AmigaDOS3
Chapter 2 - The CLI Environment11
Chapter 3 - The Filing System23
Chapter 4 - Devices43
Chapter 5 - Command Sequence Files60
Chapter 6 - ED, the System Screen Editor77
Chapter 7 - EDIT, the Line Editor92
Part 2. AmigaDOS Command Reference 121
AmigaDOS Command Summary218
AmigaDOS 1.2 Additions and Changes221
Appendix A - Files on the Workbench Disk241
Appendix B - AmigaDOS Error Messages249

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