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Using dBASE II®

Carl Townsend

In English

Publisher: Osborne/McGraw-Hill, 1984

ISBN: 0-88134-108-8 (Wikipedia Book Sources) (Wikipedian kirjalähteet)

Here's a manual for business professionals who want to design customized programs with dBASE II® software. Informative, clear and nontechnical in style, Using dBASE II® is a compendium of techniques presented to help you master this remarkable software package.

Using dBASE II®

- Covers dBASE II from installation through advanced programming concepts.

- Guides you to program development through a systematic appraoach.

- Shows you how to use dBASE II to create form letters, mailing lists, reports, and more.

- Describes the use of dBASE II with foreign files and application programs, as well as how to use dBASE II as a network-type data base management system.

- Includes dBASE II utilities, transaction-based processing, and debugging methods.

All the programming techniques that the serious dBASE II user needs to master this powerful data base management system are here, in Using dBASE II®.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Introduction to dBASE II1
Chapter 2 Installing and Running dBASE II17
Chapter 3 Files, Records, and Databases23
Chapter 4 Introduction to Programming37
Chapter 5 The System Design53
Chapter 6 Designing the Menus61
Chapter 7 Adding to a Database71
Chapter 8 Editing a Database83
Chapter 9 Transaction-Based Processing99
Chapter 10 Creating Reports With dBASE II109
Chapter 11 Screen Generators123
Chapter 12 File Management131
Chapter 13 Using dBASE II With Foregn Files and Application Programs141
Chapter 14 Using dBASE II as a Network-Type Database Management System151
Chapter 15 Query Methods With dBASE II161
Chapter 16 Debugging Programs With dBASE II167
Chapter 17 dBASE II Utilities175
Chapter 18 From Development to Production185
Appendix A Glossary189
Appendix B Bibliography193
Appendix C Product Directory195
Appendix D Program Development Procedures197
Appendix E Structures of Data Files and Indexes201
Appendix F Error Messages205
Appendix G Limitations and Constraints211
Appendix H Commands and Functions213

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