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RP/M User's Manual

first edition

In English

Publisher: microMethods, 1983

LCCN: 83- (Library of Congress)
serial number: A1543

Table of Contents
1. Introduction to RP/M 1
RCP Built-in Commands1
User areas under RP/M4
User area discipline4
2. Disk File Processing 5
Disk Reservation5
File Control Block6
Record Block Table (RBT)7
Open file7
File Name Table (FNT)7
File Extents7
Block Mask9
Record block reservation (RBR) table9
Physical Disk Addresses10
3. Creating a Disk Flaw Table 11
FLAWTBL Console Messages12
Flaw tables12
CBIOS Error Processing13
Double Density Floppy Disks13
An Automatic Flaw table Mechanism14
Read Errors vs Write Errors15
Erasing the Flaw Table15
4. Example Disk Reading Operation 17
5. How to Locate RDOS 21
6. RCP Chain Processing 23
7. Batch Processing 25
Conditional Calls35
CALL command format37
8. Batch System Modifications 39
Modification of SUBMIT39
XSUB Modifications41
9. Nondismountable Disks 43
Hard Disk Vector44
Hard Disk Vector Redefinition44
Restore Batch Processing45
10. Directory Access Time 47
Appendix A: RCP Assembly Listing 69
Appendix B: RDOS Assembly Listing 105

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