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Desktop SPARC: SPARCstation 1 Installation Guide

In English

Publisher: Sun Microsystems, Inc., June 6th, 1989

Sun Part Number: 800-4036-10, Revision A

Table of Contents
About This Book vii
Who Should Read This Bookvii
How to Use This Bookviii
Typographic Conventionsviii
Cautions and Warningsix
Chapter 1. Introducting SPARCstation 1 1
Selecting Work Area2
Unpacking the Shipping Cartons4
Taking Inventorhy5
Identifying Cables and Connectors6
Identifying Internal Parts8
Examining the System Unit9
Identifying the Audio Ports10
What's Next12
Chapter 2. First Steps 13
Internal Parts14
Connecting the Mouse to the Keyboard14
Connecting Keyboard to System Unit15
Installing Your Monitor16
Plugging in the Power Cords23
What's Next26
Chapter 3. Starting Up a Single SPARCstation 1 27
Preparing for Power-Up28
Powering Up Your System29
Starting Up Your System32
Powering Down Your System41
What's Next45
Chapter 4. Setting Up and Starting a Networked SPARCstation 1 47
Connecting the Tranceiver Cable49
Checking System Setup50
Preparing for Power-Up51
Powering Up Your System52
Starting Up Your System55
Powering Down Your System67
What's Next71
Chapters 5. Printers, terminals, and Modems 73
What You Need73
Supported Devices74
Cable Requirements74
Power and Outlet Requirements75
Connecting Wyse WY-50 and VT-100 Terminals75
Connecting Hayes and Hayes-Compatible Modems77
What's Next80
Chapter 6. Installing External Devices 81
Supported External Drive Units81
SCSI Connectors82
Direct Connection84
Daisy-Chain Connection85
SCSI Bus Length87
Setting SCSI Addresses88
Desktop Storage Packs89
Before Your Start90
Installing a Desktop Storage Pack90
Powering Up Desktop Storage Pack94
Powering Down Desktop Storage Packs95
Installing an ESM or EEM95
Before You Start95
Powering Up Your ESM or EEM101
Powering Down Your ESM or EEM102
What's Next103
Chapter 7. Introduction to the SunOS Operating System 105
Access to the SunOS Operating System106
References About SunOS Operating System Installation106
Before You Start107
SunOS Operating System Features107
Optional Categories108
Reinstalling SunOS109
What's Next114
Chapter 8. Using Diskettes and Tapes with SPARCstation 1 115
Using Diskettes and Tapes116
Handling Diskettes116
Inserting and Removing Diskettes116
Formatting Diskettes117
Write-Protecting Diskettes117
Handling Tapes119
Inserting and Removing Tapes120
Write-Protecting Tapes122
Before You Start123
What's Next124
Appendix A. Installing Boards, Cards, and Modules 125
New System125
Power Down Your System126
Attaching a Wrist Strap128
Removing the System Unit Cover129
Identifying Boards130
Identifying Slots133
Installing S-Bus Boards and Cards134
Single Inline Memory Modules (SIMMs)137
Replacing the System Unit Cover140
What's Next142
Appendix B. Installing Internal Drives 143
Before You Start143
Installing a Diskette Drive144
Installing a Hard Disk Drive148
What's Next156
Appendix C. Monitors 157
Monitor Input Ports159
17-in./432 mm Monitor Controls161
Appendix D. Cables for Serial Devices 163
Cable Types163
Serial Modem Cables163
Null Modem Cables165
Unrecognized Cables166
Glossary 171
Index 181

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