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Commodore 64 Whole Memory Guide

Tim Arnot

In English

Publisher: Melbourne House (Publishers) Ltd, 1985

ISBN: 0-86161-194-2 (Wikipedia Book Sources) (Wikipedian kirjalähteet)

Commodore 64 Whole Memory Guide is much more than a memory map. Instead of just giving memory locations, it gives you a detailed description of each location, explaining what it's for, how it is used by the computer, and, more iportantly, how it can be used by the programmer.

The memory guide to the Commodore 64 is split up into three main sections; the RAM guide, the I/O guide and the ROM guide. The ROM guide also includes a complete and annotated disassembly of Commodore 64 ROMs.

If you are a machine code programmer, this book will be invaluable in helping you to write programs that incorporate the subroutines contained within the Commodore 64 ROM. It explains how to pass any parameters that may be required to the routines, and how to recover the results of calculations etc. that are returned by these routines. Also covered is the procedure used by the computer to cope with errors in the data operated on by the routines.

If you are a BASIC Programmer, this book will enable you to manupulate the system variables used by the Commodore 64 to your own ends. This will allow you to use the advanced features of the Commodore 64 to their full.

All in all, Commodore 64 Whole Memory Guide is a book for everybody wishging to utilise their Commodore 64 to its maximum.

Table of Contents
Introduction 1
Section 1 Memory Maps 3
RAM Memory Map4
BASIC ROM Memory Map12
Kernal ROM Memory Map16
Input/Output Memory Map21
Section 2 RAM Guide 28
Section 3 ROM Guide 78
Section 4 Kernal Guide 318
Section 5 Input/Output Guide 341
Appendix 1 The version 3 Kernal ROM 395
Appendix 2 HEX/Decimal Converter 397
Appendix 3 CBM ASCII codes 398
Index 400

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