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The Ultimate History of Video Games

Stephen L. Kent

In English

Publisher: Three Rivers Press, 2001

ISBN: 0-7615-3643-4 (Wikipedia Book Sources) (Wikipedian kirjalähteet)

Table of Contents
Foreword by Peter Molynevii
Chapter 1: The World Before Pong1
Chapter 2: Forgotten Fathers15
Chapter 3: Father of the Industry27
Chapter 4: And Then There Was Pong37
Chapter 5: The King and Court49
Chapter 6: The Jackals59
Chapter 7: "Could You Repreat That Two More Times?"79
Chapter 8: Strange Bedfellows93
Chapter 9: The Return of Bushnell115
Chapter 10: The Golden Age (Part 1: 1979-1980)123
Chapter 11: The Golden Age (Part 2: 1981-1983)151
Chapter 12: The Battle for the Home179
Chapter 13: A Case of Two Gorillas199
Chapter 14: The Fall219
Chapter 15: The Aftermath241
Chapter 16: Album Covers259
Chapter 17: We Tried to Keep from Laughing277
Chapter 18: The Seeds of Competition295
Chapter 19: The Birth of Sega331
Chapter 20: The New Empire345
Chapter 21: The Legal Game367
Chapter 22: The Year of Hardware397
Chapter 23: Run for the Money421
Chapter 24: The War439
Chapter 25: Moral Kombat461
Chapter 26: The "Next" Generation (Part 1)481
Chapter 27: The "Next" Generation (Part 2)499
Chapter 28: The Mainstream and All Its Perils527
Chapter 29: And the Cycle Continues557
Chapter 30: Three Horses and a Pony573
Source Notes592

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