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Spectrum Hardware Manual

Andrian C. Dickens

In English

Publisher: Melbourne House (Publishers) Ltd, 1983

ISBN: 0-86161-115-2 (Wikipedia Book Sources) (Wikipedian kirjalähteet)
National Library of Australia Card Number and ISBN: 0-86759-120-X

The Sinclair Spectrum has revolutionised the world of microcomputers with its ability to offer a very sophisticated colour computer at a price that would have been unthikable just a couple of years ago.

Now Adrian Dickens explains exactly what is inside the Spectrum, and how it works.

Full circuit diagrams and a detailed explanation of each component make it easy to undestand the hardware side of this remarkable microcomputer.

Many features not revealed in the Sinclair Manual are discussed here: how to adjust the colours of your own TV set, how to amplify the sound of the internal loudspeaker, and much more.

Practical hardware projects include how to connect a full size keyboard, connecting the Spectrum to the outside world, and how to build your own joysticks for use with Spectrum.

The Spectrum Hardware Manual is a book that will be an essential companion to anyone wishing to discover how the Spectrum operates or wishing to expand its potential.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Introduction7
Chapter 2 General overview of the complete Spectrum9
Chapter 3 The power supply15
Chapter 4 The Z80A central processing unit23
Chapter 5 Video and program memory27
Chapter 6 The Basic read only memory31
Chapter 7 The Keyboard33
Chapter 8 The Ucommited logic array37
Chapter 9 The memory expansion sockets46
Chapter 10 The video circuit54
Chapter 11 Tuning your video circuit for better quality displays56
Chapter 12 The Edge connector59
Chapter 13 Fault diagnostics62
Chapter 14 Experimenting with the edge connector64
Chapter 15 Adding a Z80A PIO chip73
Chapter 16 Adding your own keyboard79
Chapter 17 Adding Sinclair compatible joysticks83
Chapter 18 Constructing an 8 channel analogue to digital converted89
Appendix A Glossary97
Appendix B References99
Appendix C Parts list cross reference100
Appendix D Component layout diagram102
Appendix E Complete circuit diagram104

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