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A500 User's Manual

In English

Publisher: Commodore-Amiga, Inc., 1987

Commodore Part. Nr. 319926-01; Rev. Nr. 1-2

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Introducing the Amiga 500 1-1
How the Amiga Works1-4
Key Features of the Amiga 5001-5
Amiga 500 Software1-8
Chapter 2 Setting Up the Amiga 500 2-1
Where to Find the Connectors2-1
Before You Start2-2
Attaching the Mouse2-3
Attaching the Video Monitor2-4
Connecting Audio Equipment2-7
Plugging It In2-10
Chapter 3 Getting Started 3-1
A Note About the Mouse3-1
Using Disks3-2
Moving the Pointer3-6
Selecting Icons3-8
Using Menus3-10
Commands and Options3-13
Duplicating Your Disks Using a Menu3-14
Resetting the Amiga3-16
Chapter 4 Using the Workbench 4-1
What is the Workbench4-1
What's on the Workbench4-2
Creating a Project4-3
Operations Involving Tools and Projects4-7
Operations Involving Drawers4-11
Operations Involving Windows4-14
Operations Involving Screens4-24
Operations Involving Requesters4-28
Operations Involving Disks4-30
Resetting the Workbench4-32
Other Workbench Operations4-32
Chapter 5 Workbench Tools 5-1
The Clock5-1
The Notepad5-1
The Calculator5-28
The Icon Editor5-31
The Say Speech Synthesizer5-47
Graphic Dump5-48
Chapter 6 Using Preferences 6-1
Using the Preferences Tool6-2
Editing the Pointer6-8
Using and Saving Preferences6-14
Chapter 7 AmigaDOS and the CLI 7-1
Accessing CLI7-1
Commonly Used CLI Commands7-3
Closing Comments7-26
Chapter 8 Adding to the Amiga 8-1
Precautions for Peripherals8-1
Adding Memory to the Amiga8-2
Adding a Disk Drive to the Amiga8-2
Printers for the Amiga8-4
Adding a Modem8-6
Other Peripherals8-7
Chapter 9 Caring for the Amiga 9-1
Amiga Precautions9-1
Taking Care of Disks9-2
Cleaning the Mouse9-3
Radio and Television Interference9-5
Appendix A: Techical Reference A-1
Amiga 500 SpecificationsA-2
Theory of OperationA-12
Custom ChipsA-16
Amiga 500 Memory MapA-25
Appendix B: AmigaDOS Reference B-1
AmigaDOS User's CommandsB-1
Screen Editor CommandsB-3
AmigaDOS Error MessagesB-5
Appendix C: Using the Amiga Keyboard C-1
Layout of the KeyboardC-1
Using the Amiga Without a MouseC-6
International Key MapsC-7
Appendix D: Printer Escape Codes D-1
Appendix E: Amiga Bibliography E-1
Appendix F: Amiga 500 Schematics F-1
Glossary G-1
Index I-1

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