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Machine Language for the Commodore 64 and Other Commodore Computers

Jim Butterfield

In English

Publisher: Brady Communications Company, Inc., 1984

ISBN: 0-89303-652-8 (Wikipedia Book Sources) (Wikipedian kirjalähteet)

This book is available electronically at http://www.devili.iki.fi/pub/Commodore/docs/books/ml4c64.txt

Table of Contents
Note to Readersvi
1 First Concepts 1
The Inner Workings of Microcomputers
Computer Notation: Binary and Hexadecimal
The 650x's Inner Architecture
Beginning Use of a Machine Language Monitor
A Computer's "Memory Layout"
First Machine Language Commands
Writing and Entering a Simple Program
2 Controlling Output 23
Calling Machine Language Subroutines
The PRINT Subroutine
Immediate Addressing
Calling Machine Language from BASIC
Tiny Assembler Programs
Indexed Addressing
Simple Loops
3 Flags, Logic, and Input 39
Flags that hold Status Information
Testable Flags: Z, C, N, and V
Signed Numbers
The Status Register
First Concepts of Interrupt
Logical Operators: OR, AND, EOR
The GETIN Subroutine for Input
The STOP Subroutine
4 Numbers, Arithmetic, and Subroutines 57
Numbers: Signed and Unsigned
Big Numbers: Multiple Bytes
Arithmetic: Add and Subtract
Rotate and Shift Instructions
Home-Grown Subroutines
5 Address Modes 71
Non-addresses: Implied, Immediate, Register
Absolute and Zero Page
The Relative Address for Branches
Indirect Addressing
Indirect, Indexed
6 Linking BASIC and Machine Language 91
Where To Put a Machine Language Program
Basic Memory Layout
Loading and the SOV Pointer
Basic Variables: Fixed, Floating, and String
Exchanging Data with BASIC
7 Stack, USR, Interrupt, and Wedge 111
The Stack for Temporary Storage
USR: An Alternative to SYS
Interrupts: IRQ, NMI, and BRK
The IA Chips: PIA and VIA
Infiltrating BASIC: The Wedge
8 Timing, Input/Output, and Conclusion 131
How To Estimate the Speed of Your Program
Input and Output from Tape, Disk, Printer
Review of Instructions
Symbolic Assemblers
Where To Go from Here
Appendix A The 6502/6510/6509/7501 Instruction Set 147
Appendix B Some Characteristics of Commodore Machines 155
Appendix C Memory Maps 161
Appendix D Character Sets 215
Appendix E Exercises for Alternative Commodore Machines 225
Appendix F Floating Point Formats 231
Appendix G Uncrashing 233
Appendix H A Do-It-Yourself Supermon 237
Appendix I IA Chip Information 245
Appendix J Disk User's Guide 309
Glossary 317
Index 322

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