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Practise Your Basic

Gaby Waters and Nick Cutler
Naomi Reed (illustrator), Graham Round (designer) and Lisa Watts (editor)

In English

Publisher: Usborne Publishing Ltd., 1983

ISBN: 0-86020-743-9 (Wikipedia Book Sources) (Wikipedian kirjalähteet)

Puzzles, tests and problems to improve your skills

Table of Contents
Getting to know BASIC4
Variable puzzles6
Repeating things8
Loop puzzles10
IF/THEN exercises12
Random numbers14
Character crunching16
Code writing programs19
INKEY$ exercises20
How to write a car crash game21
DATA puzzles22
Using arrays24
Writing subroutines26
Fruit machine program to write27
How to write a treasure hunt program28
Program answers34
Guide to BASIC45
Conversion chart47

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