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Mastering OS/2 Warp

Peter Dyson

In English

Publisher: Sybex Inc., 1995

ISBN: 0-7821-1663-9 (Wikipedia Book Sources) (Wikipedian kirjalähteet)
LCCN: 94-80050 (Library of Congress)

Mastering OS/2 is the book you should be getting in the OS/2 Warp box. If you've opened your software, you've probably noticed the distinc lack of documentation. This book provides that and so much more. Learn to use all the remarkable capabilities of OS/2 Warp - without resorting to endless help screens.

From basic installation to advanced topics - for the beginner and OS/2 pro alike - this book shows you how to use OS/2 breathtaking array of features and applications.

You'll also enjoy the "Instant Expert" sidebars, troubleshooting help, comprehensive command reference, hundreds of internation OS/2 resources, aand - as a remarkable FREE bonus - Hobbes OS/2 Archived, a CD-ROM packed with 3,000 files of OS/2 shareware and freeware.

Covers all versions of OS/2 Warp.

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