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Microsoft MS-DOS Operating System Programmer's Reference Manual

In English

Publisher: Microsoft Corporation, 1983

Microsoft Document No. 8411-200-00, Part No. 14F36PM

The Microsoft MS-DOS Programmer's Reference Manual is a technical reference manual for system programmers. This manual contains a description and examples of all MS-DOS 2.0 system calls and interrupts (Chapter 1). Chapter 2, "MS-DOS 2.0 Device Drivers" contains information on how to install your own device drivers on MS-DOS. Two examples of device driver programs (one serial and one block) are includedin Chapter 2. Chapters 2 through 5 contain technical information about MS-DOS, including MS-DOS disk allocation (Chapter 3), MS-DOS control blocks and work areas (Chapter 4), and EXE file structure and loading (Chapter 5).

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