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The BASIC Handbook

David A. Lien

second edition

In English

Publisher: Compusoft Publishing, 1981

ISBN: 0-932760-05-8 (Wikipedia Book Sources) (Wikipedian kirjalähteet)
LCCN: 81-67479 (Library of Congress)

In "Groudn Rules" at the front of this book, author Lien succinctly states his overriding purpose:to assemble the most complete collection of BASIC words ever, and then describe strategies programers can use to convert the many different "dialects" to their computers. The result is a working handbook that will vastly expand your computer's capabilities.

"THE BASIC HANDBOOK" was first published in 178 as THEdefinitive reference, explaining all important BASIC words used by computer makers worldwide. This big new Second Edition introduces 238 ADDITIONAL words, bringing the total to almoset 500. Vurtyally every significant BASIC word used by virtually every BASIC-speaking computer in the world is explained.

But author Lien, whose working dictum is "Make things easy!", goes one step further. He attacks the problem of incompatibility by carefully outlining strategies by which programs can be converted to other computers - and does it without getting bogged down in futile arguments about one computer's advantages over another. He shows how ALL computers' capabilities can be enhanced by a solid crasp of BASIC.

When you operate a "bottom-of-the-line" pocket micro or a megabyte mainframe, this book will be an invaluable aid to your.

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