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TV Typewriter Cookbook

Don Lancaster

first edition, fourth print

In English

Publisher: Howard W. Sams & Co., Inc., 1977

ISBN: 0-672-21313-3 (Wikipedia Book Sources) (Wikipedian kirjalähteet)
LCCN: 75-46215 (Library of Congress)

Want to put your own words and pictures on an ordinary tv set? TV Typewriter Cookbook shows you how to accomplish this oconomically and easily.

Chapter 1 starts with some basics - what a tv typewriter is, and what its uses, configurations, and principles of operation are. Also included is s ome of the terminology involved with tvt's and microcomputer interface.

Three basic types of memories are covered: you-program PROMs, factory programmed ROMs, and RAMs that let you slectively store and retrieve information.

Cursor and update circuitry techiques range from the traditional count and compare and the McFadden system, to "super front panel" tvt's that work directly from microcomputers. Update systems include both frame-rate and direct memory access systems.

Also covered are hard-copy techniques, color graphics, and games such as "chess" and "pong".

TV Typewriter Cookbook is for the computer hobbbyist, the progessional data processor, the video game "freak," the electronics technician, and those working with video recording, cable tv, or studio broadcasting. The book is also useful as a text for teaching microprocessors on the high school through university levels.

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