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unz550x2.exe2002-Feb-22 14:16:00249.3Kapplication/x-msdos-program
wteledsk.lzh2002-Nov-13 03:17:5862.4Kapplication/x-lzh
zcr22x2.zip1998-Apr-19 13:11:44171.5Kapplication/zip
zcr22xN.zip1998-Sep-19 22:36:34167.2Kapplication/zip
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        1581 Copy, version 4.9 for MS-DOS
        Creates disk images to and from Commodore 1581 disks.
        Source code included.

        DiskCloner, version 1.0 for Windows 3.x
        Disk imager.
        Default extension is ".DSK".
        ACE, version 2.04 for OS/2

    	ARJ, version 2.50a (shareware) for MS-DOS

        cbmconvert, version 2.0.4
        Archive file format converter focusing mainly to Commodore 64
        Cp/m File eXpress, version 0.9
        Archive file tool focusing mainly to CP/M archivers, such as
        LZH, CRUNCH ("*.?Z?"), squeeze ("*.?Q?") and LBR.
        Binary distribution.
        Cp/m File eXpress, version 1.1
        Archive file tool focusing mainly to CP/M archivers, such as
        LZH, CRUNCH ("*.?Z?"), squeeze ("*.?Q?") and LBR.
        Source distribution.
        DiskImage Converter, version 1.01c for MS-DOS
        Disk image coversion tool. Converts disk images created by
        Disk Copy Fast (".DCF"), VGA Copy (".VCP"), MSXDump,
        Disk Dupe (".DDI"), DCopy (".DSK") and UltraCopy (".UCP") to
        any other format except UltraCopy.
        FDCOPY for MS-DOS
        Utility to create or extract disk archives with the extension
        FDI 2 raw image converter
        Source code included.

        LHA, version 2.55E (English) for MS-DOS
    	LoadDskF, version 1.16, and
    	SaveDskF, version 1.14 for OS/2 and MS-DOS
	    Disk imager, both raw and compressed format.

    	PkZip, version 2.50 (shareware) for Windows 95/NT
	    Command line version

    	PkZip, version 2.50 (shareware) for OS/2

	    PkZip, version 2.04g (shareware) for MS-DOS

        RAR, version 2.50 (shareware) for OS/2

        SCOPY, version 2.02 for MS-DOS
        Compressing disk imager.
        Default extension is ".SCP".
    	TDCheck, version 1.10 for MS-DOS
    	Checks Teledisk images against corruption.
        Teledisk, version 2.12 (shareware) for MS-DOS
        Compressing disk imager, can read any kind of disk that is
        physically readable by PC hardware.
        Default extension is ".TD0".
        Unrar, version 3.2.3 for OS/2
        Unrar, version 3.4.3 for OS/2

        Unzip, version 5.40 for OS/2
        Binary distribution.

        Unzip, version 5.32 for Windows 95 and Windows NT
	    Binary distribution.

	wteledsk, version 1.01 AC
	Disk image conversion tool. Converts disk images created with
	Teledisk (".TD0") to raw images. Further information and a
	description of the TD0 format is available at
        <a href=""></a>.
	Source code and binaries for MS-DOS are included.
        Zip, version 2.2 for OS/2 (32-bit) with encryption
        Binary distribution.
    	Zip, version 2.2 for Windows 95 and Windows NT with encryption
	    Binary distribution.