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Addison-Wesley "BASIC and the Personal Computer", Dwyer and Critchfield
Compute "Compute's First Book of PET/CBM"
Cowbay Computing "Feed Me, I'm Your PET Computer", Carol Alexander
"Looking Good with Your PET", Carol Alexander
"Teacher's PET-Plans, Quizzes, and Answers"
Creative Computing "Getting Acquainted With Your VIC 20", T. Hartnell
Dilithium Press "BASIC Basic-English Dictionary for the PET", Lorry Noonan
"PET BASIC", Tom Rugg and Phil Feldman
Faulk Baker Associates "MOS Programming Manual", MOS Technology
Hoyden Book Co. "BASIC From the Ground Up", David E. Simon
"I Speak BASIC to My PET", Aubrey Jones, Jr.
"Library of PET Subroutines',', Nick Hampshire
"PET Graphics", Nick Hampshire
"BASIC Conversions Handbook, Apple, TRS-80, and PET", David A. Brain, Phillip R. Oviatt, Paul J. Paquin, and Chandler P. Stone

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