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Howard W. Sams "The Howard W. Sams Crash Course in Microcomputers", Louis E. Frenzel, Jr.
"Mostly BASIC: Applications for Your PET", Howard Berenbon
"PET Interfacing", James M. Downey and Steven M. Rogers
"VIC 20 Programmer's Reference Guide", A. Finkel, P. Higginbottom, N. Harris, and M. Tomczyk
Little, Brown & Co. "Computer Games for Businesses, Schools, and Homes", J. Victor Nagigian, and William S. Hodges
"The Computer Tutor: Learning Activities for Homes and Schools", Gary W. Orwig, University of Central Florida, and William S. Hodges
McGraw-Hill "Hands-On BASIC With a PET", Herbert D. Peckman
"Home and Office Use of VisiCalc", D. Castlewitz, and L. Chisauki
Osborne/McGraw-Hill "PET/CBM Personal Computer Guide", Carroll S. Donahue
"PET Fun and Games", R. Jeffries and G. Fisher
"PET and the IEEE", A. Osborne and C. Donahue
"Some Common BASIC Programs for the PET", L. Poole, M. Borchers, and C. Donahue
"Osborne CP/M User Guide", Thorn Hogan
"CBM Professional Computer Guide"
"The PET Personal Guide"
"The 8086 Book", Russell Rector and George Alexy

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